10 Crazy Dine & Dash Stories

One of the truly unforgivable offenses in the culinary world is the “dine and dash”. Leaving a restaurant without paying not only detracts from the restaurant’s bottom line, it’s mean, rude, and occasionally forces the waiter to cover up the bill. People eat and run for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common: They usually lead to a crazy story.

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There is never a good reason to eat and run. If the food and service move you to tears and repeated bill requests go unheeded, even then, even then, speaking with the manager should be able to sort things out before you decide to just leave. Because at the end of the day, every meal a restaurant serves costs money.

Dine and Dashes can be for many reasons. A bunch of rowdy teenagers may feel invincible and look for a laugh. A very difficult customer could go out of misguided indignation without paying. A couple on a date can get so lost in each other’s eyes that they simply forget to pay. One group of people might assume the other guy is covering it up, but no one does. Some just do it for the high that comes with getting something for free. Whatever the reason, leaving without pay is always inexcusable.

While we certainly don’t advocate food and dashing food, we do admit that it often delivers great stories, either from the despised server or the offensive customer. And if you ever feel like having a dine and dash, keep in mind that not only will you never go back to the restaurant, but there’s a good chance someone will come after you to beat you up.

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Andrew Palmer

This serial dine-and-dasher was always careful to order under $ 100 worth of groceries at the dozen of Baltimore restaurants he stole from, as it comes with a jail sentence of just a few weeks . The man, who may have been homeless, held out for years until the judge finally came threw the book at him in June: five years in prison.

Saul Zelaznog

One of the most notorious dine-and-dash stories in recent times involved a Reno man named Saul Zelaznog who ate at several Reno bars and restaurants for free. It all came to a head when he met the microbrewery’s brewery cabinet and another restaurant owner sent them a photo of Zelaznog, which they promptly posted on Facebook. After some embarrassment, he was arrested in August 2013; the microbrewery brewed a “Dasher Dunkel” in his honor.

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