$ 1,200 Stimulus Check would now be worth $ 8,765 if used to purchase Bitcoin

Your $ 1,200 stimulus check would be worth around $ 8,765 today if you had used it to buy bitcoin in April 2020.

Your $ 1,200 stimulus check would be worth around $ 8,765 today if you had used it to buy bitcoin in April 2020.

On March 27, 2020, after the U.S. government brought our economy to a standstill through lockdowns and other mandates in a tumultuous and misleading overreaction to the natural spread of a virus, President Donal Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as a CARES law.

$ 1,200 was paid to every American earning below the income limits set at an adjusted gross income of $ 75,000 or $ 150,000 for jointly submitted couples. The majority of Americans fall into this category.

This event escalated an already out of control inflation problem in the US. The CARES Act added $ 2.2 trillion to the economy and set the precedent for even more money printing. The problem with printing more money is that the marginal utility goes down. As the Fed prints, the amount of money it needs to fund whatever it wants increases, and subsequent prints must be in ever larger amounts to be meaningful.

Do not be fooled. Printing money isn’t even a quick fix. It does not help to stimulate the economy in the long term. Inflation is a covert, slow form of taxation. It lives on your time.

The negative effects of inflation are felt by bankers and those who work in or with the government in high positions of power, who are most recently closest to the money printer. Conversely, the effects are being felt by the average American and those overseas, in whose economies our government intervenes catastrophically (to control them), to plan centrally first.

The Cantillon Effect is that the US government raises the temperature very slightly, almost imperceptibly, so that you, the frog, don’t jump out of their fabled melting pot.

The misconception that we need inflation to feed a growing population is an insidious robbery of every hour of work. It’s inconsiderate. It’s myopic. It’s infantile. It’s a stunning display of bad strategy. The value of your $ 1,200 Stimulus Check, if left in dollars, has only depreciated.

The value of your stimulus check held in Bitcoin has only increased. This is because, unlike the dollar, the supply of Bitcoin is ultimately fixed. Bitcoin has historically been accepted and bought at a rate that far exceeds its ever-decreasing, transparent, and planned inflation.

Hence, in the past, Bitcoin has been great for both creating and maintaining wealth.

So the next time someone hands you some free petrodollars, buy Bitcoin instead.

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