5 reasons why Theta Crypto is a good investment

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, various ALT coins are popping up in the market. While a few have attracted attention, a particular coin seems to outperform lot; THETA. Many are quick to join Investing in Theta. make in an effort to expand their range of resources or to make money from them.

Cryptocurrency plays a massive role in the world’s digital advancement. People have seen that and are switching to it. Over time, the few that are left may be forced to switch or be excluded from its benefits.

Many cryptos have emerged, and one might wonder what and why is theta?

We present five reasons why theta crypto is a good investment and valuable information as an investor or user.

What is theta crypto?

Theta crypto is the only decentralized blockchain that enables high functionality on video streaming platforms. This blockchain has an end-to-end design. It helps video systems lower costs in content delivery networks while keeping users in control. It is designed to solve technical and economic problems in the live streaming field.

How does theta work?

Theta token

Theta tokens control the theta network and provide a wide variety of functions to its users. It is used as a validator when staking out. 1,000,000,000 theta tokens have already been distributed. This is the total amount that the platform is supposed to use.


TFUEL is Theta’s network utility token and is used for a variety of purposes. However, TFUEL acts as an incentive for users who share their bandwidth or relay nodes. This is its primary function in the ecosystem.


From the name one can conclude that it is a viewing service. Theta.tv is the network’s primary streaming platform. But it enables its users to share their videos. Rumor has it that theta software could soon have access to over 70 million devices. This is when they work with Samsung successfully.

Theta wallet

The Theta Wallet’s user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. It supports accessible communication with other coins and uses Ethereum security. That said, it’s very safe.

Here are five reasons why theta crypto is a good investment

Bandwidth sharing

People who have access to different bandwidths usually don’t need them. And those who need it have limited access to it. But with this new cryptocurrency, you can conveniently share your bandwidth with those who need it. Theta allows you to share your bandwidth access with other people within the network while you earn.

Susannah Streeter, an investment analyst in her interview with The US sun believes that theta aims to encourage the use of new platforms. Platforms in video streaming and delivery service. It will help them share excess device capacity or bandwidth. She also stated that users could provide their free bandwidth resources in exchange for TFUEL tokens.

Access to global data

Recently, there have been global restrictions on access to social data. To fill this gap, Theta provides access to important and reliable social data and video content. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Theta has no outstanding tokens. Instead, it has around a billion token brands.

Access to reliable social platforms

Theta is an open source program that makes various media resources available to its users. It has secured access to music, movies and other peer-to-peer streaming platforms. So its users can access large and reliable social platforms.

Cooperation with the Ethereum Dapp

Theta makes your cryptocurrency experience even better. It allows you to use the Ethereum Dapp ecosystem to simplify your experience. Working with Ethereum is one reason to consider theta.

Since Ethereum is the most secure dapp system, theta will gain the trust of other notable technologies. With this, Theta can be viewed as a more efficient and secure crypto. Ethereum will also increase the quality of stream delivery.

Interactivity and communiqué functions

Theta was pervaded by interactive and communicative networks that provide space for diverse, decentralized apps (Dapps). These features are unique toolsets that make theta exceptional cryptocurrencies. This has also influenced the ranking on different platforms.

Top theta partnerships

Here are the top theta partnerships you should know about.

  • Kardia chain works with the theta network to integrate live streaming into the blockchain.
  • Google is Theta’s number one Cloud provider.
  • Theta is a sponsor of the Binance tournament – The Battle of Asia 2020.

Final thoughts

In a podcast with Kate Herman, a German analyst at Mootley fool, Bernd Schmid, said that theta is a big case in the cryptocurrency sector. “That could be bigger than YouTube. Perhaps big enough to replace Google or YouTube data centers in the near future, he says.

With its decentralized platform, Theta is a leader in the content delivery sector. If it wins further partnerships, it will be adopted worldwide. Theta could be the future of life streaming.

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