# 62 Innovators about innovators: A conversation with EOS founder Hans Langer and CEO of Hyperganic, Lin Kayser

For the first episode of our new one Additive Insight ‘innovators on innovators’ TCT’s Senior Content Producer, Sam Davies, received a video call with two self-proclaimed additive manufacturing visionaries, put away the usual notebook full of questions, leaned back and listened as the two talked to each other about their experiences and insights into developments and challenges surrounding them the 3D printing industry today.

Our guest innovators are Hans Langer, founder of the industrial 3D printing company EOS and a TCT Hall of Fame candidate whose early work in the laser industry had a profound impact on today’s laser-based AM technology; and Lin Kayser, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of an AI-based design software company Hyperganic This leads to a paradigm shift in design for AM.

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Meanwhile, Langer and Kayser ask each other questions about their background stories, first experiences with 3D printing, what the future of design and manufacturing will look like and how AM technology will play a major role in this. Listen now and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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