A better way today and a better future with Bit.Store and Bitcoin

As more and more large companies and institutions such as Tesla, Grayscale and MicroStrategy give the crypto bull market more power, more and more private investors are getting into crypto. This also attracts international payment service giants to the market in order to be able to offer the best fiat ramp. These giants include PayPal, Square, and Robinhood.

Which one is best? That depends a lot on your needs, but it’s worth noting that these are all US based and may not be ideal for non-US users.

In Southeast Asia, Bit.Store is proving to be the best platform that enables the exchange between fiat currencies and Bitcoin.

Bit.Store has the following unique advantages:


In Southeast Asia, compliance is critical in three major markets, each with their licensing system:

  • Hong Kong Money Services Company (MSO)
  • Payment System Operator (OPS) in the Philippines
  • Payment Services Act (PSA) in Singapore

Bit.Store also has a fourth license:

  • E-money institute (EMI) in the European Union

Further licenses are also being applied for.

Low fees

PayPal users are charged a 1.5-2.3% fee to trade Bitcoin. Coinbase users have to pay 1.49% of the price of a deal as a fee. Square’s Cash app charges between 2% and 3% – high enough to become Square’s primary source of income for the app.

In contrast, Bit.Store does not charge the buyer any fees and the seller only 2%.

Top exchange partnerships

Bit.Store has partnerships with three leading global crypto exchanges, Binance, Huobi and OKEx, and accepts VISA and Mastercard in more than 20 countries and regions, not only in Asia like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia etc., but also in Europe and even Brazil.

Based in crypto-friendly Southeast Asia

The regulatory environment in Southeast Asian countries is relatively cryptocurrency-friendly compared to the rest of the world.

The densely populated Southeast Asia has an enormous economic size and a huge youth market in which new concepts and future orientation predominate. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are very attractive.

At the same time, mature business development channels are enabled by a robust mobile internet infrastructure in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Bit.Store offers a compliant trading platform with the most competitive fees internationally. Since its launch in 2020 to date, it has gained more than 500,000 users, which is a meteoric surge in popularity.

Given the prospects for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this surge is sure to continue. After a market cap of $ 400 billion in 2020, it surpassed the 1 trillion mark in 2021. Daily trading volume, which is just $ 4.3 billion today, could surpass that of the U.S. stock market ($ 446 billion) before 2025.

Bit.Store is a safe way to participate.

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