A look at Solana’s rich ecological network

The third quarter of 2021 sparked a huge wave of public blockchains, and it’s fair to say that Solana stood out the most among them.

Its market value climbed to sixth place on the crypto market value list, and its value has previously increased from $ 140 to $ 221.

When analyzing the prosperity of the public chain represented by Solana, it is easy to see that Solana is not only a boon of technology, but also the building of a rich ecological network to maintain long-term development momentum.

Due to the positive development trend, Solana has recently gained many partners and positive reviews, such as the crypto asset management company Osprey Funds, which is launching the Solana fund.

Also, various signals and actions have confirmed the latest report from Bloomberg, which suggests that Solana’s token value resisted the Bitcoin-induced crypto collapse and it could become a potential long-term competitor to Ethereum.

According to the official data published by Solana, there are already 338 ecological Solana roles and various ecological matrices such as infrastructure, wallets, tools, browsers, oracles, DeFi, Dapp, NFT, GameNFT, funds and more. Among them, the DeFi ecosystem has grown in importance.

Popular DeFi published on Solana include Serum, Parrot Protocol, and Apricot Finance. Additionally, the recent NFT craze was especially valuable to Solana as many switched to his network due to low transaction costs and gas fees.

Solana is known as the new force challenging the old public chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. But behind this are accumulations and experiences that have been unknown for years, which are difficult to undercut. It remains to be seen whether Solana will stand the test of time and face the new challenges facing the industry in the near future.

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