A new XRP gateway is introduced by Ripple Exchange

XRP is one of the digital currencies that cryptocurrency enthusiasts tend to overlook. It’s true that Ripple’s native token has nothing to do with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as we know them today. Instead, it’s an asset that aims to bridge the gap between banking and decentralized technology. A new XRP gateway will be announced soon, according to Ripple Exchange, LLC. Quite a mysterious announcement considering that not too many details are being released right now.

While it’s good the announcement of. to see Ripple Exchange, LLC, also raises many questions. The website indicates that development started in April 2017. This shows that the team was working on a major project that is still in the dark for the time being. Part of this project revolves around using Ripple’s blockchain technology known as the Consensus Ledger. It is this ledger that will bring streamlined services to financial services companies around the world.

Make XRP buying and selling more convenient

For now, nobody knows what exactly Ripple Exchange, LLC has planned. The timeline on the website is rather vague when it comes to specific information. We know it will be a new one XRP gateway Application, but that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The most logical outcome seems to be another way to buy and sell XRP in a convenient way. Although the asset is listed on dozens of exchanges, there is always room for additional gateways.

It is true that Ripple Exchange, LLC has sought public opinion on this matter. More specifically, they have been actively seeking user feedback on what exactly they should be creating. A somewhat unusual approach, but also a more than valid approach. After all, people know best what they want from future services. Organizations simply need to deliver everything their users want in a safe and convenient way. It will be interesting to see what this company comes up with in this regard.

According to our information, the first release of this platform will start on October 15th. That means Ripple enthusiasts will have to wait less than two weeks to see what this mystery is about. It is obvious that this release coincides with the Ripple Swell Conference, which is taking place that same week. The future certainly looks fascinating for Ripple and XRP, no one can deny that.

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