Achieve bitcoin anonymity through mixer

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A bitcoin mixer, also known as a bitcoin mixer or tumbler, is a service that ensures the anonymity of bitcoin transactions using a special mixing algorithm in which bitcoin from different sources is combined and mixed to add coins from compromising traces of past transactions liberate and hide their origin and protect the privacy and anonymity of users.

The architecture of the cryptocurrency is designed in such a way that each of the Bitcoin transactions is recorded in the public, unchanged registry on the blockchain, so that every member of the community can check the validity of a coin transfer.

Trust in Bitcoin and, accordingly, its value in the eyes of users is based on it. However, the use of Bitcoin itself is pseudonymous and not anonymous. This opens up opportunities for various intruders who want to find out who owns digital funds in certain wallets, which usually contain large amounts of crypto, or who want to track a particular person’s finances and their origins.

“Various criminal gangs hack the crypto exchange and, thanks to the mandatory KYC / AML verification requirements, extract data about you and your Bitcoin address when you are forced to verify your personal information, and then use analytics equipment to find your main BTC Wallet, explained a representative of the bitcoin mixer service BitMix.Biz.

Dangers of de-anonymization

In June 2020, French bitcoin hardware wallet company Ledger’s marketing base was hacked, exposing a security flaw in a system that was once considered one of the most secure ways to store cryptocurrencies. The result of this hack was the leakage of about 1 million users’ personal and contact information, including their first and last names, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, and information about customer orders.

Although company officials said at the time that this personal data leak had no impact on their Ledger hardware wallets and their security, as well as the security of the company’s customers’ cryptocurrency, the leak posed a real threat. It appeared six months later , shortly before Christmas, when the stolen data appeared in the public domain on the Darknet.

After user data is released, it is easy to use bitcoin analysis programs to determine how much cryptocurrency each individual has from the compromised database and where the coins come from. This information can be used by the tax service or other special services, for example, and this is nowhere near the worst possible consequence of a leak.

Phishing attacks target those on the stolen list, and then victims received letters threatening physical violence, which the physical address information obtained was easy to implement. Attackers extort the equivalent of $ 500 from Bitcoins for abandoning their intentions, but paying the ransom does not guarantee security, or attackers will no longer extort money from victims in the future.

In recent years there have been many reports of attacks, kidnappings and even murders of cryptocurrency holders whose data has been compromised in one way or another, regardless of whether the users themselves shared it on the internet (e.g. on social networks) . or if it was stolen due to a leak. Because of this, you need to be extra careful when using or just holding cryptocurrency.

An expert from BitMix.Biz said, “If attackers know your real world data and information about the current balance of your BTC wallet, you can trick them or even use brute force to trick them into giving them your money. You can break that chain with bitcoin mixers. “

Using a bitcoin blending service can provide an extra layer of privacy that can help protect your digital finances from hackers and blockchain analytics companies, and keep you and your family safe from intruders. And bitcoin mixers are surprisingly easy to use these days.

Use maximum mixing skills

Bitcoin blending services have come a long way since Bitcoin’s inception. BitMix.Biz is the result of years of trial and error made by various crypto enthusiasts to achieve the highest level of anonymity. It absorbed the best and got rid of known drawbacks.

The service offers multilingual support, altcoin integration, and other internet access methods such as Tor, Clearnet, and NoJS. Users can set individual blending fees in the 0.4 to 4 percent range, making it even more difficult for potential attackers to analyze their blockchain activity. You can also use a “Randomize” option which, after shuffling, sends more than one transaction from the shuffling service to your wallet, which they target for the deleted coins, making it difficult to analyze your cryptocurrency transaction.

“We are requesting the minimum information we need to ensure the hard drive is encrypted and not keeping logs,” stated the BitMix.Biz team. “All data records are deleted after 72 hours or immediately upon request via the order page.”

BitMix.Biz has the world’s largest reserve of mixed bitcoin, so you don’t have to wait for consensus of multiple mixed transactions. When a user completes a transaction by sending coins to the blender, they immediately receive pre-shared bitcoin from this huge pool at their address. After exchanging your coins for redeemed ones for the first time, you will receive a special code that will prevent you from receiving the previous bitcoins that you sent on subsequent transactions.

At least 0.005 BTC is required to use the Bitcoin mixing service BitMix.Biz. You can save your website settings to duplicate the mix types you want to use again. The Bitcoin Tumbler service also supports an affiliate program that provides instant payouts for every transaction made by a referred user, as well as an API key that websites use to provide mixed Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash information to their customers and order the customers care about security and increasing their loyalty.

Finally, the Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz offers a letter of guarantee as an additional promise of integrity and as a security measure.

“When we give you our Bitcoin address to which your coins should be sent for shuffling, we digitally sign a guarantee letter to confirm that this address was actually generated by our server,” said the BitMix.Biz spokesman.

If an error occurs, a guarantee letter can provide 72 hours of evidence that you sent your coins to the service to fix the problem. Another reason to entrust your cryptocurrency to this special Bitcoin mixer is a unique guarantee – a deposit of $ 15,000 on a special service that BitMix.Biz created to make up for the unlikely losses of users so you can use the mixer too in the case of large amounts can trust cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about BitMix.Biz on YouTube, Twitter, Bitcoin Wiki and Bitcointalk.

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