ADAX will set precedent for blockchain projects at Cardano Summit 2021 by DailyCoin

ADAX will set precedent for blockchain projects at Cardano Summit 2021

The long wait is finally over as, a challenger blockchain platform, is ready to hold its biggest summit yet on Saturday, September 25, 2021. The two-day mixed reality summit will have 7 events scheduled across 20 locals worldwide with physical meetings for attendees from London, Wyoming, Miami, Berlin, Cape Town, New York and Tokyo.

Of course, everyone outside of the main event center will virtually stream the event, and so Cardano has reserved a huge virtual world for all fans around the world. But guess what? That’s not the best part of this announcement.

As you may know, the summit is attended by a wide list of Cardano-based blockchains, and most developers and Cardano enthusiasts are most excited about the ADAX Pro participant.

ADAX Pro has been at the forefront of Cardano’s invention from the start, advancing the platform’s primary purpose of redistributing the power of unaccountable structures to the fringes, the end users. In the past few years, ADAX has left a footprint and standard for other emerging blockchain projects hosted on the Cardano network.

In addition to participating in the Cardano Summit as a pioneer member of the blockchain ecosystem, ADAX aims to set a precedent for aspiring developers who will also be attending the summit. Much more to collaborate with other emerging projects within the network.

What else can we expect?

Part of the session will focus on developing Alonzo, Cardano’s newly implemented hard fork. Likewise, Cardano’s official agenda will reflect notable achievements throughout the year, with various high-level debates on the future of currencies, blockchain adoption, regulation, privacy, NFTs and digital arts.

Attendees will also hear their favorite industry leaders share ideas and insights into how Cardano is evolving in multiple roundtables.

The ADAX CMO, Dovydas Petkevicius, will join the keynote speakers for the actual event in the center in Munich. In particular, Petkevicius will speak about the importance of partnership between new and developing projects.

Partnership and potential growth

ADAX, a non-custody decentralized crypto exchange, surprised the world and especially the crypto industry for its native token – $ ADAX raced through the roof, peaking at 490% in just 10 days.

Looking beyond chance, there is a lot more to learn from the developers behind the rapidly emerging blockchain project. how it was built to stand out in the oversaturated market, its core market making algorithm and consensus mechanism among others.

“Cardano-based projects focus on different areas of the cryptocurrency space. Each of them have developed and improved different skills that will help keep them on trend. This global summit is a huge opportunity for them to make contacts for potential future partnerships, ”said Petkevicius in his interview with DailyCoin.

Dovydas claims that projects working in different domains of the crypto space have taken different hurdles and drawn their own lessons. In addition, the CMO of this cutting-edge project argues that initiatives can learn a lot from each other, which helps lay the foundation for new fruitful partnerships.

“Young projects have a long way to go to achieve broad acceptance. Investing in business relationships is one of the most important tools for them to foster their development. The exchange of experiences opens new doors for valuable suggestions and instructions. This enables us to gain new knowledge and grow, ”says Petkevicius.

In case you’re late for the party, Project ADAX works as an automated liquidity log that makes trading within the Cardano ecosystem easy with no middlemen and complicated procedures. It also provides support for the ERC20 token converter, which enables fast ERC20 token transfer to other projects within the network.

On the downside

  • Despite an upcoming Cardano summit in 2021, the price of Cardano itself is not showing any impressive gains. The fourth largest coin has seen a decline of around 7% in the past 7 days.

Why should you care?

Cardano’s influence is expected to increase after the network added smart contract features during its Alonzo upgrade earlier this month. The move will help both Cardano and Host Projects in their efforts to take bigger steps into DeFi space and compete with and its units. As ADAX is one of the network’s pioneering platforms, it is highly recommended that emerging and prospective projects be attending its session.


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