ADD TO HIS HERITAGE: Nine years later, Diosa is still making an impact on the cosmos

David Diosa couldn’t have chosen a better time than to score his first goal of the season. (Courtesy photo of Kosmos)

UNIONDALE, NY – David Diosa’s legacy is that the story of the New York Cosmos was already established.

As a member of the U18 team at Cosmos’ US Soccer Development Academy, in 2010 he scored the first goal in a competitive game since the club was restarted.

On Saturday night, he achieved something to compete with, scoring the first goal in Cosmos’ 2-0 win over ASC San Diego that promoted the team to the National Premier Soccer League championship game.

“It was a big deal,” said Diosa. “The team was actually pretty complicated, a pretty good team. We had a few problems on the offensive. We had a little problem with the completion. So that was what we needed, a first goal for us to open up the game more and achieve the other. “

The Cosmos will host defending NPSL champions Miami FC in the finals at the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, NY on Saturday at 7pm

Diosa hadn’t started in the previous two playoff games.

“I’m always ready,” he said. “I have to stay ready when I have to start, when I’m on the bench. Today the coach decided that I should start. I enjoyed this because you want to do it every time you are going to play. “

26-year-old Diosa, who has been part of three Cosmos championship teams in the North American Soccer League since 2013, hasn’t started much this season, but head coach Carlos Mendes saw something in training that led him to choose him in the starting XI.

“He trained really well,” said Mendes. “He got into games, whether he started some or got into games. He has improved over the year. So he’s a fantastic player. He has a high level of professional experience. We felt he was going to play a good role tonight. He was obviously a key player for us. Very proud. Satisfied with his work. “

The Queens, NY resident showed how well he fit into the role in the 53rd minute as he clung to a Ricardo Bocanegra pass, burst from defenders and gave Cosmos a 1-0 lead.

His reaction?

“Pure luck,” he said. “It was time to have a special game for me to score a goal. All season, when I’ve played, I think I’ve played well and tried to score. I missed opportunities. Today was like a reward. It was just great for me, a great feeling after what I went through last season. It was good luck to me and my family. The injuries I had last year. I couldn’t really play. Only the people close to me knew what I was going through. That was great for me. “

Last year Diosa signed with the Real Monarchs in the United Soccer League but injured him for most of the season.

“He’s very smart, gets into good places,” said Mendes. “We felt like we had come from afar and did these runs. It would be effective, and it was. Great first goal in terms of building. Playing through that line between the defenders is difficult to mark and when you have a smart player like him. “

Diosa also played a major role in Junior Burgos’s 76th-minute penalty when he was fouled on the right side of the box.

And about the 2010 goal scored against South Central Premier (Connecticut).

“It was really important back then,” said Diosa. “A lot of people knew the story of the cosmos, but I think we knew we had such a great team and what it meant to all of us, what it meant to the office that the cosmos was back. It was a really important goal. For me as the first it was a great feeling for me and my family. “

If Diosa and the Kosmos win the NPSL championship on Saturday, it will be another great feeling for him and his family.

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