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Crypto investors have been waiting longingly for the possible approval of Bitcoin (BTC) Equity funds to USA Securities and Exchange Commission. This body has repeatedly postponed the deadline for the possible approval of decent ETFs, but now a final deadline is looming.

Bitcoin futures ETF

Four Bitcoin futures ETFs will receive a ruling from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this month. This is the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, Invesco Bitcoin ETF strategyand VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF employment Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF Strategy.

If the SEC gives the green light to these publicly traded funds, it will be the first of its kind on the US stock exchanges. The crypto community around the world will warmly welcome this development.

ETF analyst from BloombergJames Seifart said he believes the SEC is likely to approve these four ETFs. It is reported that SEC President Gary Gensler recently found that Bitcoin futures products were well received by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to Gephardt, that would be very strange for Gensler in September First, he pointed out that the Bitcoin futures ETFs were rated positively by the panel, then those ETFs were rejected a month later.

Another ETF analyst, Nate Geraci, says the same thing. According to him, it is illogical and unfair to make such a positive statement about Bitcoin futures ETFs and then do the opposite.

He also notes that this is a great way for the SEC to win the hearts of the crypto community:

“Approving Bitcoin ETFs based on futures seems like an easy way for the SEC and Gensler to win at crypto and appear progressive.”

Not everyone is equally positive about the upcoming decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Bitcoin futures ETFs. There are also analysts who expect the SEC to initially have a detailed regulatory plan for the cryptocurrency industry on the table.

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