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As an attempted insult, we have been labeled “Toxic Bitcoin Maximalists”. We don’t shy away, we wear it as a badge of honor. We do not apologize for our objectivity, confidence, or meme warfare. You can find us on Twitter responding to weak arguments against Bitcoin (they are all weak) with “Have Fun Staying Poor” instead of trying to convince the dubious opponent or lazy critic. Michael Saylor aptly describes Bitcoiner as “Cyber ​​Hornets”, not only because hornets have spines, but presumably because hornets serve a larger purpose that supports the wider ecosystem.

The thing is, bitcoiners are right. Which inevitably means that any other business philosophy is wrong. The end. It is not gold. Fiat is basically toilet paper. Altcoins? Lol.

No, Bitcoin is the solution.

Our belief in the inevitability of Bitcoin is a naturally occurring phenomenon that exists as a function to kill the bugs. This is not to say that the lack of our hilarious memes would weaken the network. But just like hornets, which serve to prevent the harmful spread of ubiquitous insect populations, our proactive aggression is literally protecting the future of humanity by preserving our only chance at liberation from tyranny. A passive or defensive stance is just not going to be enough.

By protecting the network in its early stages, we are continuously paving the way for Bitcoin’s rise and its inevitable dominance as a world currency. This service to the world community is underestimated and completely misunderstood. That’s okay! Our vigilance is our evangelism. In a world of subjective truth, our belief is our marketing. In a culture flooded with hopelessness, our real optimism offers unexpected encouragement to those who hunger for authenticity.

The world we live in has become a sump for lies and violence. Very little good remains under the sun. Every institution is corrupted. Orwell’s vision lies ahead and few seem to care. It is evident that society is being reset by powerful forces, and as we saw in 2020, things are getting strange. Bitcoiners agree that a reset is required, although we insist and enforce to allow a reset in Satoshis. A resat if you will.

Bitcoin itself is the answer to almost every macro problem humanity faces. This fact is becoming more and more apparent to anyone who takes the effort to watch a 10 minute quality YouTube video with genuine candor. That said, if YouTube hasn’t already banned this video, it is the corrupt institution that it has become.

We live in times marked by persistent existential hardship that requires focused vigilance to overcome. Bitcoiners are some of the friendliest, most reliable, and most generous people in the world. One of our favorite memes is a reminder to be humble. We have a deep desire to see our fellow human beings and human beings flourish. We use humor to make our case while insisting on the seriousness and urgency of our present moment in history. We don’t need gratitude, but we recognize the importance of being early adopters and our ability to see where things are going if we are not in a hurry to correct course.

As a teenager, I played a lot of video games and was a little lazy. Ok, I was fucking lazy. I will never forget the day my father confronted me and said, “George, you have to stop wasting your life and take your future seriously or you will become a loser.”

It was in Arabic (which, as you can imagine, made it more intense) so this is a loose translation. It obviously stayed with me and was a turning point in my life. I hated to hear that, but it was exactly what I wanted to hear. Not so long ago I saw similar patterns in my own teenage son and of course applied the same blunt wisdom to him, but in English. The next day he said to me: “Dad, you are right and you really made me think. Thanks very much.”

Now he’s watching tutorials from the Department of Nodes and asking detailed questions about Clark Moody’s dashboard. Yes i’m crying

I love my son a lot more than strangers on Twitter. But in many ways, the wisdom Bitcoiners try to convey to everyone we encounter isn’t all that different from these stories. It’s simply time to look around and stop being compliant. It is time to take our lives and our future seriously. If you are not convinced, there is not much to say except: Have fun staying poor.

This is a guest post by George Mekhail. The opinions expressed are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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