Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg founds new studio Liquid Swords

The founder and former creative director of Avalanche Studios, Christofer Sundberg, has founded a new studio called Liquid Swords.

The new studio, based in Stockholm, Sweden, will create open-world action experiences for consoles, streaming platforms and next-generation PCs.

Sundberg left Avalanche in February 2019 after 16 years in the studio, just over a year after it was acquired by Nordisk Film for $ 114 million.

During his tenure, he led the development of the original Just Cause and helped turn the title into a successful franchise. He also oversaw the massive growth and turned Avalanche into a global company with four studios on two continents.

Sundberg outlined his vision for Liquid Swords, saying he wanted to “bring game development back to where it should be” by focusing on creativity and fun rather than “business plans and spreadsheets”.

“The games we develop at Liquid Swords focus on high-action and gigantic spectacle. Having lived and breathed the Just Cause franchise from the start of Avalanche Studios to the sale of the company, I look forward to going back to come and create spectacular experiences for players to explore, share and enjoy, “he said in a press release posted on Facebook.

“We have no intention of reshaping the world of storytelling as we know it. Our way of making our mark and making a difference in the industry is primarily based on games that are instantly accessible and consistently rewarding are.”

He also intends to open several studios under the Liquid Swords banner at some point and will share more details on these future plans in 2021.

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