Avalanche introduces first NFT offerings

The Colorado Avalanche Inaugural NFT Collection consists of 2 levels:

Presidents’ Trophy NFT – Burgundy Edition

The Avs are auctioning a total of three premium NFT banner works of art in the Burgundy Edition category. Offerings include premium NFT animated banner art as well as a physical, framed sample of the real banner material. The number 3 honors the total number of presidential trophies captured by the Avalanche Club.

Presidents’ Trophy NFT – Blue Edition

The Avs will sell 82 banner artworks in the Blue Edition category. The offer includes animated NFT banner art. The number 82 represents the number of points the team earned to secure the Presidents’ Trophy.

What is an NFT you ask?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that uses blockchain technology. They are like digital trading cards that are proven to guarantee the property of the fans and ensure that only a limited number is created by each. That means they are rare and valuable and once issued, that’s it – it will never be created again and you can claim one now!

If I have an NFT, what can I do with it ?:

• Add it to your collection
• Share it on social media
• Add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay to use it at live events
• Sell it to other fans on the secondary market

The Avalanche ended the 2020-21 season with a 39-13-4 record (82 points), the highest points percentage in franchise history (0.732), breaking the previous 0.720 mark set in 2000-01. Colorado picked up the Presidents’ Trophy for the 2020-21 season as the team with the best overall record, winning their last regular season game to overtake Honda West Division rivals Vegas Golden Knights.

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