AVALANCHE price analysis: The first level of resistance has yet to be reached.

  • The token’s 24-hour trading volume is 44,654,577 and the 30.58% decrease can be seen.
  • The AVAX has shown the percentage decline of 1.08% since yesterday’s opening.
  • The RSI oscillator indicates the NEUTRAL action.

Two DOJI brands were formed simultaneously on June 22nd and June 23rd, and returns for previous DOJIs were on the order of 8% and then 16% earlier in June. It was believed that the returns for the recently established Doji could be higher than before and a fine sale would result in a return of 24%. The graphic above shows the movement of the token in relation to SMA-20, SMA-50 and SMA-200. Along with it is also the RSI oscillator. RSI for the last 5 hours shows the effect of NEUTRAL with the value of 50,531.

MA-5, MA-10 show the SELL action and MA-20 shows the BUY action. Bull / Bear Power with a value of -0.0890 shows the SELL action.

The token has moved well below its 200-day moving average and parallel operation with SMA-50 has continued for a long time. SMA-20 is currently above SMA-50 and therefore short term traders can buy and make profits.

The AVAX-BTC pair is at the 0.0003348 level and the 1.40% increase is marked while the AVAX-ETH pair is at 0.005224 and the 4.86% low can be seen. The daily range for the coin is 11.04-12.17 and the token is currently at 11.46.

Volume / market capitalization for the token is 0.02269 and its market dominance is 0.14%

Conclusion: The token was trading at the 30-45 price level starting in June and has gradually fallen. The trend is downward and a declining market is emerging. The short-term traders can buy the token now and expect returns for the next two days, while long-term holders can hold the token even longer and then sell it.

Technical instruments:

Pivot point: 11.62

R-1: 11.79

R-2: 11.90

S-1: 11.45

S-2: 11.34

(Note – the unit is USD)

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