Bakkt will offer Ethereum to retail and institutional investors until the end of 2021

The fundamentals of Ethereum are in full swing, the underlying asset Ether creates new ATHs every few days and leading platforms are slowly becoming aware of this. Bakkt – the leading platform for digital assets announced on November 5th that it will offer Ether (ETH) to its private and institutional investors from the end of 2021. In addition to Bitcoin, the world’s largest smart contracts platform is offered.

Bakkt has also announced that institutional customers can also choose the Bakkt Warehouse for custody services. Plus users can transfer Ether with the official application in the Appstore and Playstore. The press release states that by offering Bitcoin and Ethereum, they are offering two cryptocurrencies that make up more than half of the total crypto market.

As for the official reason Ethereum was offered, “Ethereum has grown in popularity over the past year and holds a sizable stake in the crypto market, which is second only to Bitcoin. By providing users with greater opportunities to use their digital assets such as Ethereum, including buying, selling, spending and sending, Bakkt is facilitating the flow of digital commerce in line with the company’s mission to connect the digital economy. “

It seems that Ethereum’s success in becoming the premier smart contracts platform has not gone unnoticed amid the hustle and bustle of development activities and adoption / usage metrics at an all-time high. The platform explained the reasons for the recent addition by offering “a popular and growing cryptocurrency” and that Bakkt is committed to “providing flexible ways for users to enjoy their digital assets”.

About Bakkt

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia – Bakkt is a public, seamless digital asset platform that enables people to easily buy, sell, store, and spend digital assets. It is backed by the proven commercial Exchange foundation and technology of Intercontinental Exchange. The global platform brings investors, retailers and users together and makes it easier, faster and cheaper to buy, trade and use digital assets. It is now available through the app.

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