Best Cardano Wallets: Where to Put Your ADA

About Cardano

The ADA cryptocurrency is the native coin of Cardano, a smart contract platform through which digital funds can be sent or received. Cardano was launched in 2015 and is currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency in the world. The market capitalization is $ 1,171,053,195 which is $ 0.045167.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cardano Wallet

There are a few factors to consider before choosing a wallet for your ADA coins or other cryptocurrencies:

Currency support– The wallet you choose must have support for the cryptocurrency you want to store. In Cardano’s case, there are very few wallet options.

Customer service– The service’s support team should be quick to respond and resolve issues quickly. Check forums or other websites and read customer reviews. If most of them represent negative experiences, then you should probably look for another service.

Constant development– Look for a wallet backed by a strong development team that are constantly upgrading and constantly evolving.

security– Check that a wallet contains your private keys, has 2-factor authentication and security options. Take a look at the other security features to see if the wallet is safe enough for your coins.

Below is a list of the best Cardano wallets to try for storing your ADA coins:

Daedalus wallet

Daedalus is the official cryptocurrency wallet for ADA storage. This open source desktop wallet is only available for Windows and macOS as there are currently no apps available for Android and iOS users.

Daedalus is a hierarchically deterministic wallet (HD) that runs on the Cardano protocol and is synchronized directly in the network. You can also manage as many wallets as you want this way.

The wallet is easy to set up and allows you to quickly send and receive ADA as well as view your transaction history. With Daedalus, the user has complete control over his keys, which are encrypted with advanced algorithms. For added security, the wallet allows you to attach expense passwords and startup values ​​to all of your accounts.

Daedalus’ development team also plans to enable third-party developers to develop their own applications to improve functionality, including setting up recurring payments or exchanging cryptocurrencies among themselves.

Daedalus is currently an ADA compatible wallet, however support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) is expected to be implemented soon.

Yoroi wallet

Yoroi was launched in October 2018 by Emurgo, one of the three organizations behind the Cardano project, and is an online light exchange for storing Cardano. Since this is new software, early adopters need to be careful about the problems that arise with new wallet versions.

This Chrome extension enables quick and easy management of ADA assets. Since it’s a lightweight wallet, there is no need to download the entire blockchain onto your computer so you can start sending and receiving transactions right away.

This free, open source wallet stores your private key on your computer. This key is encrypted with your wallet password and the team behind Yoroi says private keys are never shared with their servers or third party providers.

Atomic Cardano wallet

Atomic Wallet offers a wide range of cryptocurrency support and is compatible with 300+ coins and tokens. This wallet is ideal for merchants who want to manage all of their crypto assets from one place.

It is viewed as a secure, transparent, trustworthy, and decentralized ADA wallet card. It has strong encryption and a safekeeping-free solution that ensures the highest level of security for the user’s coins.

The wallet can be downloaded on computers with the following operating systems Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

Infinite wallet

Infinito Wallet is a free mobile wallet compatible with Android and iOS systems. In addition to Cardano, it also offers functions for a variety of other currencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, ERC-20 tokens, and NEO NEP-5 tokens. Infinito added ADA support in September 2018.

The wallet is easy and convenient to use for managing cryptocurrency on the go. The user interface is easy to understand and the wallet has built-in Touch ID support for added security. The wallet stores your private keys on your device while your passphrase and private keys are secured with advanced cryptography.

Infinito also offers a multilingual interface (12 languages ​​by the end of the third quarter of 2018) and the ability to send transaction notes.

Ledger Nano S. Cardano wallet

The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is believed to be the most secure place to keep your crypto holdings.

Hardware storage keeps the coins offline, which means they are protected from online threats that may be lurking. Ledger Nano S is one of the most secure options for Cardano as your private keys are stored in a secure environment that is locked by a PIN code.

Additional security is provided by the support of the two-factor authentication code and the transaction verification by the OLED support using the buttons of the service.

Ledger Nano S is the only Cardano hardware wallet that also has support for other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a number of other cryptos that will be added soon.

last words

With that we conclude our article on the best Cardano wallets for storing ADA coins. We hope the information provided above will help you make an informed decision.

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