Best indicators to trade Bitcoin? This Carl ‘The Moon’ podcast has the answer

You may know ‘Carl the Moon’ from last week’s episode of KryptoNites. And for those who don’t, he’s a popular crypto investor and educator who owns a YouTube channel. operates Bitcoin news and is known for its easy-to-see technical analysis videos for newbies to crypto.

In conversation with Alex Fazel, the host of the crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites, Carl discussed everything about Bitcoin, the best indicators for trading cryptocurrencies, chart patterns and Bitcoin trends in 2021 in part 2 of the podcast.

Here is a snippet of what he said!

On altcoins

“I have a reasonable exposure to altcoins. I think this is reasonable because we know that all schools tend to go up a lot. And I just care that all schools go up against Bitcoin, I don’t care if they go up against the US dollar. So in the end I want to have more baseball. “

“I will of course suggest doing some basic research and not just buying random dual-core market cap. But you don’t want to buy scams either, right, and there are a lot of bad products out there. “

“What I’ve basically tried is to get information from people I trust and I know they’ve done a lot of research and of course I look at that and then buy, but we try to stick with what I understand”

About emotions in trading

“If you buy something without believing in it, without knowing what it is, then the volatility will hit you, you will get emotional. And that’s why I don’t have much contact with these altcoins, for example, because I don’t understand them well enough to hold them if they would discard 60%. “

“I think people should always do their research, you can buy altcoins, that’s perfectly fine. But in this case you should do a lot of research, actually as much research as I did about Bitcoin, which is weeks and maybe even months, like extensive research to understand the basics. “

“[Research] What goes into the narrative about why you buy Bitcoin. But people don’t do this in articles at all. People just buy based on the hype or what their boyfriend bought or something that was 100% pumped this week, now they want to buy it. It’s a very risky way to get into crypto. “

Carl’s most popular trading indicators

“People think the more indicators the better, but in my opinion you should just pick two or three indicators that you are comfortable with, learn them, and then develop a strategy.”

“Look at the chart patterns because when you have support and resistance formulas converging into triangles, you always have something to deal with if the price breaks out, you can enter a trade and make money, and you don’t need fancy indicators to do that , honestly.”

“The RSI is very, very cool for looking at oversold or overbought [levels]. And one of my favorite things that I use the RSI for is the bullish and bearish divergences. So if you have a divergence between the RSI and the price until they basically go against each other, it is usually a sign of a trend reversal. And that can be very, very powerful. “

(Check out the rest of the exciting CryptoNites podcast with Carl’s thoughts on Bitcoin prices, DeFi, and other trending topics right below!)

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