Bifrost Finance leads the fifth Parachain slot on the Kusama network

Aside from a last minute surge, it looks like Bifrost Finance will win the fifth and final Parachain auction in Kusama if it ends tonight.

At the time of writing, Bifrost had raised 133,000 Kusama to 115,000 from Basilisk Finance, with Altair third with 19,000 KSM.

Defi project Karura, Ethereum Compatibility Project Moon river, dApp-Hub Shidenand data protection project Khala Easily won the other slots auctions on Kusama’s Parachain network, but this week’s auction was more competitive.

The parachains are essentially custom blockchains that inherit all of Kusama’s security.

Founder Gavin Wood says it’s a more flexible approach than other networks, such as etherwhich he co-founded.


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