Binance is asking its users to return DogeCoin

Last updated on November 13, 2021

Binance Exchange is trying to get their DogeCoin back after many years. Allegedly, DogeCoin transactions from Binance got stuck a long time ago, but now all DogeCoins are released.

According to reports, the Binance exchange allowed transactions in DogeCoin a long time ago, but transactions got stuck at that time. But after the update in the DogeCoin network, the transactions were released successfully.

Earlier this week, the developers of the DogeCoin released a new update of the Doge blockchain network and released a 1.14.5 wallet update. The update was aimed at lowering transaction fees, increasing security, and increasing overall performance.

After the upgrade, stuck DogeCoin transactions are now facilitated via the exchange. And this is a clear indication that the DogeCoin developers have done a tremendous amount of work with this new upgrade. On the other hand, Binance is now hoping they will get their DogeCoin.

Due to the lower transaction fees of the new version of Dogecoin Core, Binance may mistakenly resend DOGE tokens to users who did not withdraw due to insufficient transaction fees

– Crypto Live (@Crypto_Live_) November 12, 2021

The Chinese blogger Collin Wu shared this information, saying that Binance is reaching out to its old users to give the published DogeCoin.

According to the Chinese community, some of the transactions that failed in previous years were also issued due to the upgrade of Binance Dogecoin. Someone said that they suddenly received a lot of Dogecoins. Binance requires users to return, the Doge’s withdrawal is suspended.

– Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) November 12, 2021

It’s worth noting that the Binance exchange didn’t share this issue, but when DogeCoin transactions got stuck at the time, the Binance team spoke to the DogeCoin development team about the matter. And also suspended the withdrawal and deposit in the DogeCoin network.

However, the DogeCoin development team has currently officially clarified this matter on Twitter.

“Yesterday we were notified that previously stalled transactions (insufficient fee) were suddenly successfully forwarded after the 1.14.5 update – probably because the mines were lowered in 1.14.5.”

6) Currently we believe that the previously stuck transactions were automatically retrying, as would happen every time the node was restarted after the upgrade – and went through since the minfee is now lower….

– Dogecoin developer (@dogecoin_devs) November 11, 2021

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