Bitcoin $ 68840, VeChain $ 0.23182, Polkadot $ 45.59. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction – European Wrap

Bitcoin price is facing a stiff wall of resistance that has prevented weak upward momentum from going through. As a result, a short-lived retracement has caused much of the market to follow suit over the past week, despite the rapid adoption and interest of BTC by institutes.

The VeChain price shows an ambiguous outlook as it has sparked an upward trend for textbooks with a series of higher ups and downs. However, technical indicators point to a downward trend.

6-Hour Vocational Education / USDT Chart

Polkadot price shows a slowdown in its upward momentum, which has resulted in sellers taking power. Now a minor retracement could push DOT into a significant support barrier.

DOT / USDT 6-hour chart

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