Bitcoin Back Programs That Make Your Money Work For You

Bitcoin is priced at almost $ 50,000 and everyone wants as much as possible from the extremely scarce cryptocurrency. Investors have been known to sell their homes or take other wild risks to get their hands on some.

However, there are ways to get BTC for every little exertion or by doing mundane things like grocery shopping, eating out, and even walking down the street. Even more interesting, many of them are offering this bitcoin for free in advance for signing up or as a reward for participating in a BTC backing program.

Best Ways To Get Bitcoin For Free

As Bitcoin grows, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best of these programs in order to have the greatest chance of getting Bitcoin one way or another.


Lollipop is at the top of our list because it is and there is, but asks so little in return. In fact, it doesn’t cost anything to use, but you can get up to 30% BTC on purchases from select retail partners.

They are not partners either. Lolli’s current lineup includes Macy’s, Nike, Best Buy, GameStop and many more. In the market for a PS5 anyway? Activate Lolli in your browser or from your smartphone to benefit from it with just a few clicks.

Lolli’s smartphone app also features a “Daily Batch” which allows users to receive free sats and BTC worth up to $ 100 each day. New users can also get $ 5 in BTC using code M8C4QM.



BlockFi’s credit card is a fairly new addition to the company’s line of products that generate interest on unused crypto assets. The big advantage here is that you get 1.5% back for every purchase.

The reward is doubled during an introductory phase. So depending on how much you’re spending, you can stack more. Bitcoin rewards are paid monthly to a BlockFi account that starts generating up to 4% APY, topping up any BTC rewards you earn.

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If you’re the type of regular cash out on your balance, regular spending on the BlockFi card can get you some serious crypto holdings in no time doing things that you would be doing anyway.

free bitcoin back reward program btc

With a price chart like this one, you can make big bucks with just a little bit of BTC | Source: BTCUSD on

Folding app

Folding map and folding app

If the fact that BlockFi is a credit card and debt rubs you in the wrong direction, then there’s the Fold card offered by the makers of the Fold app too. The fold card is a debit card that you finance yourself so you have no debt.

Fold started out offering BTC return rewards on gift cards, but has grown into a much larger service. In addition to offering gift cards with a significant amount of sats backs, there is also a daily wheel where users have the chance to win free sats.

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Fold card users can also spin a prize wheel after each purchase. The prices range from a sats-back multiplier to a full BTC. There are also unique prizes that are awarded depending on the current prize wheel partner. Registering for the Fold app also offers free BTC for signing up.

Coin base

Coinbase card

Coinbase also offers a debit card, but this card does not charge dollars from an account, it charges cryptocurrencies that are stored in the wallet and converted into dollars at the point of sale.

The merchant is paid in dollars, but the user pays through their crypto holdings. In exchange for using the Coinbase card over other cards, users are offered either Bitcoin Back or Stellar (XLM).

The catch here is that while the Coinbase card rewards you in cryptocurrencies as well, it eats its way into your crypto assets so other options may be more suitable for you depending on your goals. However, Coinbase is offering $ 10 in Bitcoin when you sign up.



If all of these other ways to get Bitcoin rewards take too much effort on your part, what about doing nothing but walking around? Amazingly, this smartphone app does just that.

sMiles records your steps by connecting to your phone’s health app and then gives you free sats based on how many steps you took for the day.

The company appears to be laying the groundwork for other ways to earn BTC, such as gift cards, videos, prize wheels, and more. It also uses Lightning for its backend.

I have a sneaker addiction that pays off. As? I buy all of my @Nike # AirForce1 from @FinishLine or @footlocker with @trylolli and pay with my @fold_app card. The #Bitcoin I earned in 2020 is worth more than a dozen pairs of sneakers.

– Tony “The Bull” Spilotro (@tonyspilotroBTC) June 7, 2021

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