Bitcoin (BTC) the future of money? Jordan B Peterson Examines It In A New Crypto Insiders Podcast

Bitcoin (BTC) money future? The famous psychologist Jordan B Peterson asked this question in his podcast “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?”. tries to answer. The episode features some of the top Bitcoin proponents, including John Vallis and Robert Breedlove.

“It’s a very interesting idea that Bitcoin somehow offers a language with a better fixed value than gold,” Peterson said on his podcast. The psychologist, known among other things for his book The 12 Rules of Life, asks his guests to give him their opinion so that Peterson can better understand Bitcoin. It sums it up nicely:

“So Bitcoin is completely transparent. It’s completely distributed. There is no central authority. It can’t be cracked. It cannot be stolen. He doesn’t see inflation. Inflation cannot go up. It is not subject to any explicit control by management. “

“Bitcoin’s energy consumption is worth it”

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is also discussed. Many Bitcoin opponents and critics cite Bitcoin’s energy consumption as one of the reasons the network is bad. But, according to his guests, this is very short-sighted. This is what The Gigi, a Bitcoin programmer, says:

Society in general asks these questions about all sorts of things, are cars worth it? Are smartphones worthwhile? Is the internet worth it? “

According to Peterson, it’s worth it because Bitcoin can improve the efficiency of the system: Bitcoin as a transactional device. “Peterson concludes:

“So there is a net energy gain and no net energy loss if you calculate it over the entire system. Hence, it is a mistake to just consider the cost of creating Bitcoin without considering the efficiency that Bitcoin will bring. “

You can find the full podcast below!

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