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Two college-aged bitcoiners discuss how bitcoin’s culture is transforming young people.

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For many, college can be an experience that completes the transition from youth to adulthood. Along with the many responsibilities that come with life of your own, there are the freedoms to enjoy life. It can be a life changing place, for better or for worse.

With these topics in mind, I spoke to Eli Dyer of Bitcoin Magazine about the differences we see in young people we know outside of Bitcoin compared to the young people we know who have been kissed by the orange sun to have. Be sure to check out the podcast and read the written version of the interview below.

How did you first hear about Bitcoin?

I heard about it for the first time and used it in 2018. I was bored in high school and did random, degenerate things online to make money, such as online quizzes, money lending, and gambling on Bustabit. It was attractive to me because I was under 18 and couldn’t open a bank account in my own name, but I could have my own bitcoin wallet. Unfortunately, I didn’t go down the rabbit hole until later, during college. I saw the price go parabolic and decided to find out why people were paying $ 30,000 for a bitcoin. I started doing research, studying the history of money and eventually found myself on Bitcoin maximalist Twitter with a whole new lens to see the world.

How has Bitcoin changed your life?

It gave me a sense of urgency – stack as many sats as you can before hyperbitcoinization. That made me more optimistic about the future. It made me more aware of what I spend my time with. The only two finite things are my time on earth and Bitcoin.

It has made me less worried and worried about stupid stuff, I know that I will always have my bitcoin stack to fall back on. It made me happy to have found a group of people who see the world from a perspective similar to mine

You and I are both college-aged – what difference in perspective do you see between younger Bitcoiners and young people who haven’t understood Bitcoin in terms of culture and current affairs?

I think the problem younger people have with understanding Bitcoin is that it takes a long time to really understand what it is and you will probably have to read a few books to really understand it. It seems like people don’t really read books anymore because the dopamine from these social media apps has destroyed everyone’s attention span; I recommended The Bitcoin Standard to five different people and no one read it. Everyone is into the breaking news and celebrity / pop culture, but to understand Bitcoin you have to take a break and zoom out and really study the history of money and how we got here and most people our age just aren’t interested enough in it.

What are you most looking forward to in the Bitcoin space?

More Michael Saylor-esque speculative attacks on the dollar and the number of Bitcoin maximalists increasing.

Price forecast for the end of 2021 and the end of 2030?

I think we will for sure see new all time highs by the end of this year, I estimate that we will hit close to $ 100,000.

I think hyperbitcoinization will be in full swing by 2030 if it hasn’t already. I think 2029 will be the year of hyperbitcoinization, with the block reward dropping to 1.56 bitcoin. In terms of purchasing power in USD, I believe that 1 bitcoin will have purchasing power of $ 10 million by then.

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