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Bitcoin carnivorism is an interesting cross-section between tradition and modern technology. And yet meat consumption in combination with the use of cryptographically secure digital money is closely intertwined, despite first appearances that the two have nothing to do with each other.

A hunger for verification

Bitcoiners have never been a particularly trustworthy group. At the core of the industry and network ethos is the idea that nothing is guaranteed unless you check the nature of reality for yourself. The transparent and open access network that enables anyone in the world to transact is at its core a central bank that has been given insecurity.

Previously sound money, especially gold, was considered the greatest immutable good in the world. But as technology and government expanded through that technology, the immutability of the physical world was destroyed and was quickly brought into the sphere of increasing government dominance.

In such a spectacular way, think of it as a collective post-traumatic reaction that Bitcoiners need the ability to review every single transaction. And yet, such a response obviously became paramount to Bitcoin’s purpose. Without such a check, the entire network would be vulnerable to the same tampering as the previous system.

It is this author’s opinion that the same verification problem arises when presented to bitcoiners with the reality that most of the foods in grocery stores have been altered beyond recognition. This is discussed in Dr. Saifedean Ammous’ “How To Grill Steak And Beat Fiat Food,” in which he says, “Instead of wasting your life reading ‘Science’ press releases sponsored by industrial sludge food manufacturers trying to get you to their poisons, you should try to eat more and better meat, the most complete food in the world. ”

I personally agree with this attitude and believe that industrial processes have made most foods bad for nutritional consumption. But I think the most important thing to focus on is the lack of trust in scientific journal publications and the notion that processed foods are both industrial sludge and poison.

Since many scientific journals are funded by the very industries in which they research, Dr. Ammous was suspicious of these publications for a reason. The very shallow stupidity that enables unproductive science to multiply is responsible for such a boost in the consumption of processed foods. In an industry that values ​​transparency and consensus, the notion that peer-reviewed journals (ie, within the same industry and therefore often funded by the same people) are the determination of health is an obvious contradiction.

In fact, even on a physical level, processed foods are completely different from anything found in nature. Processed foods, often encrusted in sugar, covered in carbohydrates, or otherwise unhealthily coated, are the cause of major health problems in the United States. The food does not resemble nature. Often times, recipes call for raw vegetables to be processed in some form, be it by adding vegetable oils, breading or other forms of mixing.

What remains for verification-hungry Bitcoiners is food that has obviously not been tampered with. Food that has served mankind as a treasure for millennia. If cavemen danced around the fire, it did not happen after they gathered berries. It was after their hunt, a cumulative action that required great devotion and triumph over nature. This celebration of the flesh resonates with those who still recognize the value of such nutritious foods.

Meat is a food that tastes amazing with very little modification. In fact, one could live entirely on unadulterated meat. However, salt and fire are extremely effective in making meat consumable for the vast majority of humanity and in effectively providing the nutrients needed for nutrition.

Meat is recognizable, biologically valued and proven to be nutritious.

Bitcoin is recognizable, organically valued, and has been proven to be solid money.

The connection between Bitcoin and carnivores is to some extent, at least in part, due to a desire for food that has been shown to be as unchanged as Bitcoin. When one finds oneself in a world of Fiat, it quickly becomes clear that the anthropogenic creations of the modern age are often appalling for the long-term health and prosperity of society. This is applied to food, and what is emitted is bitcoin carnivore.

Of course, something like nutrition is extremely dynamic and difficult to summarize in such a simplistic way, but I believe there is an innate connection that led to the cultural phenomenon and it is extremely interesting to hypothesize what that connection might be .

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