Bitcoin miners grossed $ 56 million a day in April

Bitcoin miners averaged more than $ 56 million per day in April 2021, making it the second busiest month in the industry.

The bitcoin mining industry saw its second-busiest month ever in April 2021, posting total sales of $ 1,702,531,320, or an average of $ 56,751,044 per day, as an increase in transaction fees helped offset slight price pressures.

Total income of the miners per day in April 2021.

The strong overall sales numbers are due in part to the drop in hash rate earlier in the month, which slowed the pace of mining blocks and resulted in increasingly competitive (and expensive) transaction fees.

Three month view of the mempool.
Percentage income of miners from fees (moving average of seven days).

April was an excellent example of the economic incentives contained in the protocol. A significant portion of the hash rate went offline earlier this month, slowing down blocks and increasing fees for processing on the blockchain. The rise in fees resulted in an increasing economic incentive to sell the hash rate to the Bitcoin network while block times came in slowly.

The Bitcoin network is more robust than ever, and total miner revenue is just one metric to quantify this empirical reality.

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