Bitcoin news: the fiasco of China, the victory of the USA, Kazakhstan, Canada and Iran

Bitcoin exchange rate could hit $ 38,000 by the end of the week and continue to grow over the next month. This is the opinion of the majority of the analysts surveyed by Talk-Finance. Meanwhile, under pressure from the authorities, miners are leaving China and moving equipment to other regions. The era of China’s dominance in this industry can be considered over, said Alejandro de la Torre, Vice President of Poolin.

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Early Bitcoin investor Mircea Popescu drowned in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica. The Department of Judicial Investigations (OIJ) was the first to provide such information. The incident took place on the morning of June 23 on Playa Hermosa in the province of Puntarenas. According to information available, the man got into the water to swim, but was swept away by the current.

The OIJ identified the 41-year-old victim as Mircea Popescu. The agency stated his Polish origins, even though Popescu was Romanian. Popescu’s death was confirmed by Adamant Capital’s crypto fund partner, Tur Demeester, and web developer Diana Koman. Popescu’s entire Bitcoin fortune could disappear without a trace.

Bitcoin is leaving China for the USA, Kazakhstan and Canada

The main migration areas are the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan. The latter was already “full to the brim”, stated de la Torre.

According to him, the most attractive electricity tariffs in the United States are in Texas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Wyoming. Poolin itself is considering facilities for North Carolina accommodation.

Against the backdrop of these global changes, the Bitcoin hashrate has dropped significantly. On June 28th, his daily indicator fell below 60 EH / s. The last time such values ​​were recorded was in July 2019.

Kevin Zhang, vice president of mining company Foundry, said the proportion of capacity shutdown in China will approach 90% by June 30th. In Sichuan Province, miners had to dismantle mining equipment and all infrastructure equipment (racks, transformers, etc.) in some power plants in just one to two weeks.

Bitcoin news in the UK

Meanwhile, the High Court of London ruled in favor of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright in the proceedings against the owner of the website under the pseudonym Cobra. This was reported in the Ontier law firm. According to the announcement, on June 28, the judge banned the defendant from infringing Wright’s copyright in the UK, “for example through the ability to download the white paper from the website and in any other way.”

Bitcoin news in Iran

The Iranian Ministry of Industry has approved the work of 30 companies to extract cryptocurrencies. Six licenses were issued in Semnan Province, four each in Alborz, Mazenderan, East Azerbaijan and Zanjan. Only one company received a permit in the capital Tehran.

Bloomberg had previously reported that Iran has linked the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security with the fight against the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies. The reason was a power shortage caused by increased consumption in other sectors and dry weather. The latter has restricted the operation of hydropower plants. Remember that at the end of May, the Iranian authorities completely banned the mining of cryptocurrencies by the end of summer 2021.

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