Bitcoin protects your wealth from the government

The parasite that is the government that extracts your worth and hard work is cured by Bitcoin.

The government is a parasite posing as our friend. Rulers want us to believe that they have our best on mind as they enrich themselves and their cronies. The simple truth is that governments exist to sustain themselves. They never shrink, they just keep getting bigger.

This applies to democracies as well as to dictatorships. The unspecified goal is that the 1% enrich themselves at the expense of the 99%. It was true throughout human history and it is today. Sounds harsh, but if you study history you will see it clearly. The same is true of central banks and most of the world’s large corporations. You are a prospective tenant.

Species Darwinian survival is always at stake, even for governments. And the bigger they get, the more extractive they become. And the more monopoly power they acquire, the more difficult it becomes for them to govern. You are like a huge organism that keeps saying, “FEED ME!”

So how do we do it? Do you want your government to shrink? Buy bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a parasite. Bitcoin doesn’t try to get as much out of you as it can, like governments and central banks do. Bitcoin is not aimed at controlling anyone. Bitcoin takes the pressure off investing. Bitcoin is the greatest savings technology mankind has developed. I can save in Bitcoin and save myself from having to learn a second career as an investor.

Bitcoin is the cure for parasites. Bitcoin, like proper food handling, is a simple but powerful remedy. Cleaning and disinfecting the modern financial system is not an easy task, but a decentralized network that enables instant value transfer is a fair solution. Parasite eradication begins with small doses of freedom in the form of the early OGs – and from there it spreads throughout the organism, eliminating unhealthy corruption, repairing Cantillon destruction, and finally awakening society to the parasite itself. The final stages of the parasite contain self-destructive tendencies reminiscent of totalitarianism – but it is of no concern to those who are familiar with the decentralization of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can protect your wealth from governments as they cannot dilute the current or future issue of Bitcoin, nor steal us. And that’s just amazing.

This is a guest post by Mark Maraia. The opinions expressed are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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