Bitcoin SV wins information war against “crypto cartel”

If you are into digital currencies, you are also in an ongoing information war.

This information war goes far beyond the struggle between Bitcoin SV, BTC and BCH to be the “real Bitcoin”. It even goes beyond the realm of digital assets. It’s about you, the user, the average person and your ability to be part of the information capitalism to come.

Be aware of the “crypto cartel”

Most of the digital currency sphere, made up of seedy exchanges and ridiculous “crypto media,” seems to have a common agenda. The exchanges list almost every nonsense coin to be traded and the relevant media spreads “news” and supports this gambling ecosystem with coverage of “partnerships”, “developments” and “price predictions”.

We call this the “crypto cartel”.

Your interest is to involve as many people as possible in trading digital assets. More specifically, the cartel doesn’t want you to actually trade digital assets, they want you to bring in your fiat money and receive useless coins and tokens in exchange.

Discover the common enemy of the “crypto cartel”

The exchanges would not be able to attract new users if the “crypto media” did not spread strange tales about this or that new coin, soon to hit a new all-time high. Also the other way around: The “crypto media” would not get any clicks and no traffic if it were not for the exchanges offered around the world, 24/7 and the money-laundering-like trade in counterfeit digital assets. They work together. They enter into a symbiosis.

However, the “crypto cartel” has a common enemy and this is where we find the truth.

If the “crypto cartel” has a common agenda and a common enemy, that common enemy must, by definition, be a competitor or party that – without competing – endangers the cartel’s business model.

Now let’s think a moment. Is Ripple (XRP) the cartel’s common enemy? No, the “crypto media” report daily on Ripple and XRP, while XRP is available on almost all digital currency exchanges. Then is Ethereum the common enemy? Is it IOTA? Maybe tether?

The common enemy of the “crypto cartel” is Bitcoin SV. You will find almost no “crypto media” to report even neutrally about the recent growth of Bitcoin SV. You will find few exchanges that have Bitcoin SV listed as an asset. They report on every digital asset except Bitcoin SV, they make every digital asset tradable except Bitcoin SV.

Only Bitcoin SV is left out.


Bitcoin SV not only threatens the ‘crypto cartel’ business model, it completely destroys it

Bitcoin SV is the only scalable blockchain protected by a giant patent fortress owned by nChain and serving as the only public ledger for the world. That is exactly what would kill the “crypto cartel” in no time.

If there were only one public ledger, there would be no demand for other digital currencies. Bitcoin SV’s growth is literally evaporating Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, IOTA, and the endless list of other nonsense coins and nonsense tokens.

Check out EHR Data Inc.’s plan to move billions of health data transactions to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Check out UNISOT’s SeafoodChain, which uses Bitcoin SV to track the source and supply chain of seafood. Check out Twetch, the Bitcoin SV powered social media platform that recently hit 10,000 users and is expanding at an incredible pace. Look out for the appearance of the famous economist George Gilder at the CoinGeek conference in London. Look out for the state interest in Bitcoin SV.

The more Bitcoin SV grows, the less “crypto media” have to report. The more Bitcoin SV grows, the fewer people have to trade fiat for digital assets or digital assets for other digital assets. With Bitcoin SV, the whole “crypto cartel” comes to a standstill. Exchanges are drying up. “Crypto influencers” are unemployed again. With declining stock exchanges, “crypto media” is losing its sponsors and traffic.

Bitcoin SV is a fatal blow to the cartel’s throat.

How the “crypto cartel” is preventing you from thriving in the informational capitalist world to come

In the coming informational capitalist system, you own your data and earn money on your data. Period. All of your transactions are processed in the Bitcoin SV network in your own interest. From now on you can only operate with the “crypto cartel” on your dodgy, legally questionable Exchange servers while you feed fake messages through your partner media.

In the “crypto cartel” system, only the cartel benefits. You don’t. You lose money when BTC, ETH, XRP, and other nonsense coins lose value while the cartel makes money, whether prices go up or down – through trading fees.

It is no coincidence that Binance acquired the CoinMarketCap website, for example. On the one hand they offer you nonsense coins and on the other hand they are responsible for the “price updates” and other messages about the nonsense coins. Do you finally understand her plan?

It’s the “old world,” the flawed capitalist system in which we all grew up. With Bitcoin SV you will finally be able to benefit directly from your actions.

You do. You get.

What methods are used in this information war?

Several panic methods are used by the “crypto cartel” side to try to keep Bitcoin SV growth down:

• Publication of fake news regarding Bitcoin SV
• Libel campaigns against Dr. Craig Wright
• Silence on positive Bitcoin SV news
• Delisting of Bitcoin SV on exchanges
• Use of social media bots against proponents of Bitcoin SV

However, Bitcoin SV is resisting these methods.

How? According to results. Bitcoin SV shows results in On-chain transactions and usefulness.

People don’t babble or play with Bitcoin SV, they actually use it! Shocking news for the cartel.

In addition, there is a strong “brain drain” in favor of Bitcoin SV with all other digital currencies. Bitcoin SV attracts the highly skilled people in the digital asset space as well as the most talented developers and entrepreneurs. For example, look at BTC’s “bright minds”: Samson Mow, Tone Vays, Jimmy Song, and Elizabeth Stark. No further comment!

What role do you play in the bitcoin information war?

How can you help in this information war? Well, you can check out the information about Bitcoin SV out there.

However, they are not even necessary. Sounds cruel, but it’s true. Bitcoin SV is already growing without you and will grow even more over time.

The Bitcoin SV network doesn’t need you, you need the Bitcoin SV network!

The “crypto cartel” needs you, but you don’t need the “crypto cartel”.

You see, this is the key difference between Bitcoin SV and all other digital assets. While other digital assets are trying to lure you in, Bitcoin SV simply expands with corporate usage and its customers. It’s called economic growth.

The prolific Bitcoin thinker Daniel Krawisz said: “Everything falls into the black hole of Bitcoin SV.” You don’t have to convince, because the results speak for themselves.

Everything falls into the black hole of $ BSV.

– Daniel Krawisz ⚡️? (@DanielKrawisz) May 30, 2019

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