Bitcoin, the alternative to Pandemonium

America is heating up right now. Our mass moves collectively and vibrates faster and faster as we endure abrasive changes in our lives. Catalysts in society act as flames that warm people’s environment and cause change.

Much of this heat is currently provided by money. There is a large group of people who are unemployed who weren’t like that before the pandemic. Certain industries are crumbling while others are thriving. Much of it is just accelerating changes that would have happened anyway but are now happening much faster.

The money print is bursting at the seams, much like steam in a container. The most vulnerable in our society, homeless and disenfranchised, suffer from negligence and government mismanagement. They are the cracks – the places where the disaster was just waiting to happen.

“Some of us feel the icy wind of poverty in the air.”

Why do the poor always have to despair because of the economic problems of the rich? The people who lined the street had no responsibility for this disaster; They simply suffered as a result of an unprepared society faced with an unexpected event.

The response to the pandemic has been astounding. The entire game book consisted of printing money, with only small amounts earmarked for universal basic income payments, while the rest was accounted for by the already dying economy that left us in this fragile position in the first place.

The money to be printed is not allocated where it should be and this is due to the fact that it is being printed in the first place. If we were to use a scarce resource that is of great value and irreplaceable as money, we would think much harder about using it. But when you can just wave a magic wand and double the amount available, it’s easy to lose sight of solid financial planning.

I would like to specifically mention Saifedean Ammous’ reference to the economic recovery from the 1920 Depression from “The Bitcoin Standard”:

“… The recovery from the 1920-21 Depression, dubbed the ‘last natural recovery to full employment’ by economist Benjamin Anderson, where taxes and government spending were cut and wages were freely adjustable, [lead] a swift return to full employment in less than a year “

Ammous Saifedean, “The Bitcoin Standard”

It is not a guess to say that the free markets are recovering faster than the liquid markets – it is history.

Anyone who relies on the previous financial and monetary system to save them does not know. They don’t know that this is what led us to this problem in the first place. They don’t know that no help is coming. Little do they know that what they see as help (printing money) is actually a degenerative disease in an already affected economy.

So bitcoiners have to show them. Show them that there is indeed an alternative that will save you. There doesn’t have to be ruin. With the transition to Bitcoin, people can immediately start not only protecting their wealth but also growing it as the dollar continues to collapse on cheap credit and mass inflation.

I remember a warning I saw that was rewritten as follows: “If money is tight but a lot is printed, something is wrong.”

If the money is long and you can’t print it, something is wrong.

This is a guest post by Casey. The opinions expressed are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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