Bitcoin’s secret blackmail letter is a scam, say SC police

Mount Pleasant Police Department

The letter goes straight to the threat: “I know the secret that you are hiding from your wife and everyone else.” The anonymous blackmailer wants $ 20,000 worth of Bitcoin or he or she sends all the “dirty details” to your wife, friends and family.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department posted a picture of the letter on social media with a specific warning: “This is a scam! Please do not send this person any money! “

The department says several people received the same letter in the city north of Charleston, South Carolina.

“The scammer is trying to blackmail citizens into sending them Bitcoin payments, or they will publish ‘evidence you have hidden’. It continues on 2 pages and explains how to use Bitcoin, ”the department said on Facebook.

You have two options for fraudsters: pay or face the consequences of your “secret” betrayed.

“Option 2 is to pay me $ 20,800. We call this my ‘confidentiality fee’, ”the letter reads.

The letter goes on to say: “Your secret remains your secret. You move on with your life like none of this happened. Although you might want to keep your misdeeds a secret in the future. “

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