Bitmain introduces new Litecoin mining hardware, citing customer demand

Mining maker Bitmain has announced new Litecoin hardware due to ship in July.

The China-based company listed the Antminer L3 + miner on its website yesterday, claiming it will be the most powerful and efficient of its kind on the market. Published specifications show that the miner operates at a maximum hash rate of 504 megahashes per second (MH / s) and consumes 1.6 joules per megahash (J / MH). The starting price is $ 1,370.

In particular, Bitmain’s international sales director Gadi Glikberg said that new demand for Litecoin, the price of which has skyrocketed in recent days, prompted the company to announce the miner.

Glikberg said to CoinDesk:

“At the moment it is [litecoin] The exchange rate is rising, so more and more customers are contacting us looking for miners. We try to respond with hardware even though production has certain tough schedules. We try to keep an eye on the market and pay more attention to projects that seem to be in higher demand. “

The hardware release occurs when the Litecoin network introduces a scaling solution previously suggested by developers working on Bitcoin.

Litecoin miners have started to signal their intention to adopt separate witnesses. This proposal aims to increase the amount of information that can be stored in a block while addressing problems such as transaction malleability. The change requires that 75% of the blocks generated during an activation period of 8,064 blocks must be a signal for the change.

At the time of going to press, that key level is just over 78% according to, meaning that activation will occur sometime within the next 30 days if the signal level stays the same.

However, for now, Bitmain is making no effort to devote significant resources to the Litecoin space, and reaffirms the company’s commitment to Bitcoin hardware.

“Even with the recent increase [litecoin] still has a fraction of Bitcoin’s market cap, ”Glikberg said. “Since mining and market cap are coupled, our primary focus is on Bitcoin.”

Photo via Shutterstock; Image capture from Bitmain

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