Bloomberg reports Bitcoin price of $ 100,000

Bloomberg released the September edition of its Crypto Outlook report, which explains how the company’s analysts navigate the market, measuring adoption rates and demand and supply dynamics. Bitcoin is set to hit the $ 100,000 mark soon, a “path of least resistance,” according to the report, and establish itself as a global reserve asset.

In parallel with the dollar’s status as a global reserve currency, Bloomberg has claimed how Bitcoin can take advantage of an increasingly digital society hungry for a liquid, always-available asset that can be used as the world’s reserve currency.

“The dollar’s more than 300% increase over its peers since President Richard Nixon ended the peg for gold in 1971 is proof that the greenback is the least worst currency, but we believe Bitcoin represents the digital future “, It says in the report.

Bitcoin has intrinsic advantages over the dollar that bitcoiners have long known, including that it is non-governmental, has predictable monetary policy and a fixed supply, has much better saleability across scales, space and time, and verifiable transactions in finality. But such advantages have now apparently also become apparent to Bloomberg.

Bitcoin “may have solved the age-old problem of a global reserve asset that is easy to transport and transactable, has round-the-clock pricing, is relatively rare, and does not represent anyone’s liability or project,” the report said.

With central banks around the world choosing not to end quantitative easing or to shrink their balance sheets or reduce the liquidity of the economy, scarce assets and stocks tend to outperform. Since the risk-on mentality is fueled by the negative or near-zero real interest rate macroeconomic landscape around the world, liquidity typically flows into the S&P 500 and other “riskier” trades from conservative investment vehicles that used to deliver substantial returns, but now see zero profits. However, Bloomberg points out that not only has Bitcoin outperformed, but that its unique use cases could set it apart from other assets and sustain its rally of soaring purchasing power gains going forward.

“The stock market [has] Basically [been] Pursuing quantitative easing, as measured by the upward trend in the balance sheets of the G4 central banks, “the report says.” Both indices pose a risk, but in contrast to the S&P 500 [Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index] This also includes Bitcoin, which is well on its way to becoming a digital reserve in a world moving in this direction. “

The more investors around the world are realizing how the current macroeconomic scenario aligns perfectly with Bitcoin’s value proposition like never before, the more obvious its use cases will become and more money will pour into the best money in the world. Additionally, in a world rapidly transforming into a more digitized economy, Bitcoin can offer global monetary security and anti-fragility in the form of unstoppable open source code, predictable guidelines and distributed consensus, and the physical and digital world with the high of proof of work brilliantly bridging missions, well promoted breakdown process.

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