Business building in Japan to be sold with Bitcoin – E-Money Chat

One of the most interesting Bitcoin transactions to date could take place in the near future. A $ 6 million commercial building in Tokyo, Japan is being sold in bitcoins. That means the commercial building will cost 547 bitcoins.

So the building that was put up for sale by Yitanzi, a Japanese real estate startup, is being sold for cryptocurrencies. The company said in an interview with local media company MK that it is actually selling several properties for cryptocurrencies. Of course, the first question that arises in this context is why the company made such a decision.

According to Yitanzi, there are many local cryptocurrency investors interested in the real estate market. Apparently, they want to invest the profits made by investing in cryptocurrencies, which have seen huge price increases. Of course, it can be very beneficial to offer them the option of paying for real estate directly in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

However, it can also work the other way around. During the interview, Yitanzi’s CTO Yokozawa Yuske stated that many real estate investors are also interested in selling their properties for Bitcoin.

The reason for this is apparently because they want to invest in the cryptocurrency market, but it is not easy to buy a large amount of bitcoins from cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges allow investors interested in large purchases to go through a complex verification process.

So the property is expected to be sold for Bitcoin in the coming weeks. The company said it will sell other properties for Bitcoin as well, but did not disclose whether it intends to accept payments in other cryptocurrencies as well, and which ones would be accepted.

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