Caizcoin is ready to create its own crypto ecosystem based on the Islamic blockchain network

CHAN, Switzerland, June 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – This pandemic has seen an unparalleled surge in the number of crypto coins put on the market every day. Commercial and central banks around the world are now using blockchain technology to process payments and issue their digital currencies. Blockchain technology enables cross-border payments that are cheaper and faster compared to conventional systems. Caizcoin is one of those many cryptocurrencies that was developed in Germany but with a unique working model. It was built with the core principle of bringing the Islamic and Western countries together. Caizcoin will soon operate on the world’s first Islamic blockchain, providing seamless financial services to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Caizcoin isn’t just limited to Muslim investors; everyone can access and benefit from their services. It also offers users quick and affordable money transfers around the world for one minute price. This token is backed by the metal price, which also makes it susceptible to uncertain volatilities. Users can freely trade and do business with it as there is no holding period. Users can also use the configurable API to accept payments.

The Caizcoins team is made up of a young, like-minded group of developers who want to support digital solutions to the disadvantages of the Islamic financial sector. Caizcoin aims to provide faster and more reliable financial services to users by integrating new technologies that conform to the rules of Islamic finance and enable limitless transactions at low cost. In 2020, the global blockchain technology market size was estimated at $ 3.67 billion, of which the financial services segment accounted for more than 38.0%, with companies like Coinbase Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: COIN) topping that list. Caizcoin has also received a “fatwa certificate” from the Council of Islamic Experts that officially makes it compliant with Islamic laws.

Employees who wish to receive this coin must follow the detailed KYC verification process to ensure that all vendors adhere to Islamic principles. It also offers a free threshold limit where users can benefit from zero free transactions up to a certain limit. However, the company has not yet announced the exact amount of the limit.

Caizcoin will provide an entire ecosystem that enables seamless financial services.

  • Caizcoin tokens: Caizcoin tokens are at the forefront and offered to users who want to use their services. These will be compatible with the Islamic blockchain.
  • Caizcoin KYC: This authenticates network participants and ensures user security.
  • Caizcoin API: The API allows users to integrate Caiz with third-party solutions.
  • Caizcoin Wallet: After successfully implementing its blockchain services, the company plans to launch its hypersecure wallet.

The CAIZ token will soon be listed on the UniSwap exchange, and users can also earn rewards using its liquidity portal and other platforms. The company will shortly be introducing its blockchain in accordance with “Islamic Principles”. Because of these principles, Islamic banking is seeing much higher market growth rates in Western countries. Islamic principles prohibit speculation and the practice of corporate overindebtedness. Hence, they are very attractive to those who are concerned about the stability of the financial system or who are interested in ethical banking practices. The Caizcoin blockchain will be the first Islamic blockchain of this generation to offer maximum security to users. It will add many technological advances to CAIZ and make it equally suitable for everyone. Caizcoin is based on a decentralized stalked blockchain and will serve as a stepping stone for many upcoming cryptocurrencies to follow Islamic principles.

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