California should replicate the ethos of Bitcoin

By adopting transparent, open source technology and improving personal freedoms, California can guarantee future prosperity.

California is arguably one of the best places in the world. The state is full of great weather, great geography, not to mention some of the smartest residents live here. We are global leaders in technology and are changing the way people live every day. But are we currently on the right path or are we lost?

I would say we got lost.

For the past decade, California has gone the wrong way – a path that leads to more social control over the general population. The companies based here are becoming “thought police” telling the people we love that their own opinions are wrong. While most developers see themselves as good, together they ruin California.

In addition, there seems to be a trend for the California government to manage its overall tax and financial system incorrectly. California’s gross domestic product is one of the highest in the country, but our taxes are rising and debt continues to grow. **

One thing I learned during my three year Bitcoin journey is that Bitcoin and Bitcoiners love transparency. Open source code that anyone in the world can review and private nodes that anyone can set up and review all aspects of the network if they so choose are all part of the Bitcoin ethos.

Where should California go?

California should work on building an open source world where people can check the code for bugs and exploits to make sure the infrastructure is secure and nothing has been committed without a screening process. This should apply to all aspects of our local, state, and one day national government. Only through transparency can you restore people’s faith and trust.

The technology companies based here should work to improve the personal freedoms and rights of their fellow human beings. As soon as you restrict personal freedoms, people will always fight back or leave the state peacefully.

California may be on the path of destruction right now, but that doesn’t have to be the fate of the Golden State. The average person who lives here wants to live in a better world than the one they grew up in. Californians are actively trying to make a difference for the common good. We all have very different opinions on how to implement this change. But one thing is certain, the current course will only lead to more social control and fiscal disappointment.

Replicating Bitcoin’s open source transparency is the way forward for California and any state that wants to thrive.

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