Cardano (ADA) Making the extraordinary machine Someone says the devil is in the details

Someone who wasn’t so positive about Cardano stated that Cardano has excellent developers and communities, but the market isn’t responding really well. Also, under certain circumstances, the demonstration of commitment may sometimes perform poorly or reveal a key problem. I just wonder if the community recognized these points.

The community responded with the clarification: Did I hear that right, in late April / early May Alonzo Testnet and Smart Contracts? Q2 if not later. It’s Cardano at its best.

Someone who knew the work of technologists well said that anyone who has ever worked in IT development really appreciates the hard work done through proper planning. Others grow impatient, unfortunately you are living while making an extraordinary machine that will process so many transactions and give millions of people financial independence.

Another user stated that ADA is currently 98% decentralized and is on track 100% decentralized as of March 31, 2021. This means that the 1,800 existing community pools are responsible for creating all new blocks.

This comment came in response to the information about “Fully Decentralized Block Production” from Cardano.

Cardano is fast approaching full decentralization for block production. Soon all blocks of Cardano’s network of pile pools will be produced. At the Cardano Era # 257 border, pile pools will produce 100% of the blocks, with complete decentralization of the blocks being achieved.

As always, there are users who are constantly analyzing important news. One answer was: good news! Nevertheless, only 22.08% are individual pool operators. So if we want Cardano’s success to be sustainable, I would think the number has to be as close to 100% as possible because the devil is always in the details. (Source:

Some also stated, “There are still a large number of pools run by exchanges, which means that ADA in them is not delegated by their owners, but rather is NOT decentralized by the exchanges.”

Another eagle-eyed user pointed out that 100% of cryptocurrency is never run solely by its users. You can’t stop the exchange from running. Seeing Binance and Etoro with such small percentages is actually pretty good.

For all practical reasons, Cardano has been so good so far. You keep evolving and making progress. Regardless of who has negative opinions about ADA, it is very transparent and obvious that they are making an effort and working hard. You move forward. Critics continue to criticize and Cardano has a very clear growth path. You know where to go.

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