Cardano Foundation cooperates with HackerOne for new bug bounty program

The Cardano Foundation has announced a massive bug bounty program for ethical hackers who can find vulnerabilities in the Cardano platform.

In a recent blog post, the Cardano Foundation announced a bug bounty program with the hacker-powered security firm HackerOne to look for vulnerabilities in the project’s blockchain. The foundation hopes that this will help them “ensure that the Cardano blockchain is the most stable and secure blockchain possible”.

Jeremy Firster, project manager at the Cardano Foundation, said it was their duty to “uphold the highest standards and commitment to code transparency and reliability to ensure that the protocol is used for business-critical applications used by individuals, startups, companies worldwide , Financial institutions and governments alike. “

Firster went on to say that partnering with HackerOne would send a clear signal to stakeholders that Cardano values ​​security and public safety. Firster also noted the involvement of financial institutions alongside Cardano’s growing user base as a catalyst for greater security.

Tor Abrams, Account Manager at HackerOne, said the company is committed to testing, finding, and securely reporting real-world vulnerabilities:

From the US Department of Defense to Dropbox and Goldman Sachs to Google, HackerOne gives companies access to the world’s largest hacker community.

Abrams said the platform’s ethical hackers were primarily motivated to learn and expand their skills in addition to claiming bounties.

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