Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says he wants to eliminate the need for CEOs and presidents

Cardano has been on the news lately for all the right reasons. The project just successfully started the Alonzo Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) on Sunday and thus obtained the ability to create intelligent contracts for the network. Allows a whole new world of decentralized finance to be built on the network. This was founder Charles Hoskinson’s dream in the four years it took to get here.

The founder took to Twitter to celebrate this monumental achievement, which he referred to as the new era of Cardano. “Tomorrow is the big day! We are entering a new era for Cardano, ”the tweet reads. The community caught up with Hoskinson on Twitter following his tweet. The answers contained both support and questions from the inquiring community.

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Eliminate the need for CEOs and Presidents

In response to an overly optimistic response from a supporter, Hoskinson made a surprising revelation. The tweet congratulated the founder on the Cardano upgrade, but referred to Hoskinson as “the future POTUS 2032”. Hoskinson replied that he had no desire to become president because he had no taste for politics. He added that the point of his career was to get rid of presidents and CEOs.

That is wishful thinking. I have neither desire nor taste for politics. The whole point of my career is to eliminate the need for CEOs and presidents. Then I can retire and raise bison

– Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 12, 2021

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It’s not entirely clear how Hoskinson plans to completely eliminate presidents and CEOs, but the statement was well received by community supporters who praised the founder as a true leader.

Cardano ready for the future

Smart contracts are finally a reality in the Cardano network. Developers who have worked tirelessly on the project for the past four years have finally reached their goal. As the entire team celebrates the finish line of one project, it initiates the beginning of another. Since smart contracts are working as intended and developers are preparing to start their decentralized applications (DApps) in the network, the team behind Cardano is preparing for an even bigger project.

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The top priority now is to maintain the security of the project for all new developments in the network. This also includes making sure the ecosystem is safe enough for users to trade with. At the same time, it maintains a developer-friendly environment that developers can build on.

Cardano also has a robust NFT ecosystem with over 780,000 tokens already minted and more than 19,000 policies. The introduction of HFC prepares Cardano to compete with other leading decentralized financial platforms.

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