Cardano, Shiba Inu & Axie Infinity – Asian Wrap 06 Aug

Cardano Price proposes a new rally attempt, could finally solve the ADA conundrum

Cardano price fell -4.66% in July and failed to close above the 2018 high of $ 1.40. Given the active head-and-shoulders pattern and resilience of the 2018 high, the ADA outlook is still mixed. However, the advent of a symmetrical triangle breakout combined with a gold cross on the six-chart improves the chance of a daily close above $ 1.50 and a transition from a rally to a rise.

The Shiba Inu Prize continues its balancing act as SHIB approaches a dramatic move

The Shiba Inu price failed to resolve the depressingly tight price move or the parallel descending channel, which tested the patience of SHIB investors and the persistence of the low May 19 support. The building price decline, confirmed by the narrowing of the Bollinger Bands, suggests that the digital token is preparing for a sharp move that could break up the channel pattern and establish a new, definitive trend.

AXS Price Prediction: Axie Infinity will soon rally to $ 128

AXS price fell 13.91% last week after rising 135.49% the previous week, showing limited interest in the Axie Infinity investor ranks for profit. The resulting corrective process could have made a low this week, with Axie Infinity triggering a double bottom pattern on the six-hour chart.

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