Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) on exchanging Fiat for Crypto is going to be tough

Charles Hoskinson in response to fiat for crypto swap harshly expressed why? Crypto doesn’t work anyway and it will eat up the banks. Newsflash Bankster, it’s our money. We can spend.

One of the crypto investors said, “Now the banks don’t want us to swap fiat for crypto. They do everything possible to prevent us from getting more returns on our investments. I just want to buy more. “

Customers invoking “temporary suspension of payments on cryptocurrency exchanges” are widespread these days. They claim that they observed high levels of suspected financial crime in making such payments.

Seasoned investors should indicate that they will do so when the time is right to buy. It was pointed out how they did this with multiple vendors earlier in the year and that it was getting harder to buy.

The general argument against cryptocurrency is that it is used for secret purposes, but isn’t there a public ledger for all transactions? How is that less understandable than a cash transaction?

Some were like bitcoin ATMs don’t need a bank. Some banks have always declined crypto transactions.

I had the exact same thing with Bank of America! My account was completely blocked until I answered a questionnaire. Unbelievable.

Many reported similar problems in Mexico. Some banks are making a big deal when users switched their fiat to crypto too. Investors are missing out on some cheap buy-in opportunities and many are realizing that parting with Fiat and Crypto is so much better.

ADA investors are confident. They state that banks and centralized crypto exchanges always do the same thing. And no one will be able to prevent Cardano’s future.

Some users are primarily like it is extremely important to study and research. However, banks don’t have to dictate how customers should spend their money. People are tired of the poison, the blackout and the greed of the banks.

This will drive companies that deal exclusively in crypto! While banks are making crypto-faith difficult – a secure crypto economy will soon emerge.

People are beginning to understand, “Just make the case more urgent and stronger. Freedom from the banking system has never been more important than it is today. “

Do what you want and believe guys. You can’t stop us. It’s our money, it’s our choice. People are power. How will the thing with the decentralized cryptocurrency happen without banks allowing transactions?

Why do you need banks to transfer funds to exchanges? There has to be another way like wallets.

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