China’s renewed crackdown on cryptocurrencies wipes nearly $ 300 billion from the market while Bitcoin slips

China’s renewed crackdown on cryptocurrencies wipes nearly $ 300 billion from the market while Bitcoin slips

Since Friday, China has stepped up efforts to contain the country’s cryptocurrency industry from mining bans to warnings to financial institutions.

declined about 6.6% to $ 32,735.71 around 10:47 p.m. ET and hit its 24-hour low of $ 31,179.05 according to CoinDesk data. In the past few days, China has stepped up its efforts to contain the country’s cryptocurrency industry. Mining ban, PBOC warning

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According to several media reports, the authorities in the Chinese province of Sichuan ordered the cryptocurrency miners to cease operations on Friday. Sichuan is one of the largest bitcoin mining centers in China. Many bitcoin mines in southwest China’s province were closed on Sunday, according to the state-backed tabloid Global Times.

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This is one thing I support from China, crackdown on thugs … remember those posts from a month ago wishing you had bought the fud. In my opinion, NOW would be a good time to buy Hat 8 shares. They had just removed a third of their mining competition … if it’s something like my home rig, my win rate doubled for the same amount of energy.

But that’s great. No more FUD from China. AGAIN AND AGAIN! Not only Bitcoin, if China increases the product price, we will immediately see superinflation in the US. I love it. Get China out of here. I also love the general negative mood from people who don’t understand the technology. It allows me to buy something cheaper. Bitcoin is literally where it was 6 months ago.

thebearablebull China is not relevant for the USA 🇺🇸 and the global crypto market. Enough of manipulating crypto out of crypto and then they’re back on. Consciously generate large sums of money while the US Chinese continue to support Chinese-backed Bitcoins and Ethereum? USA 🇺🇸 XRP huge threat to China and the world’s centralized economies. You’re fucking wads.

We watch Wallstreet manipulate the Bitcoin price … to buy it cheap !!! Watch business crypto FoxBusiness cz_binance FastMoney YahooFinance CNNBusiness APompliano Novogratz TimDraper PeterSchiff MarketWatch elonmusk If China doesn’t get enough bad press already, the crypto trolls are behind them too 😂😂😂

China orders Ant Group, state banks to eradicate cryptocurrency-related activitiesChinese authorities have stepped up a nationwide campaign against virtual currencies, saying that institutions must strictly enforce notices and guidelines to mitigate risks associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fundraising activities. Impressive

thebearablebull time to buy Vechain. VET KA BOOM. It doesn’t matter what China does. because China has launched its state cryptocurrency and doesn’t want any competition. The wars for control of the cryptocurrencies are imminent. LoL, how about the West boycotting its state cryptocurrency. It’s good, so we’re not going to hear for the 1000th time that China bans crypto

Well, that’s it then. China stopped saying crypto, that must mean the end of bitcoin 😂 bitcoin photo looks like the $ and the real money. Be aware that it is fake money and sooner or later the cryptocurrency will be classified as fake money, period. 😂 at CNBC clowns! $ KISHU To the moon!

Bitcoin drops to two-week lows as China intensifies crypto mining crackdown Bitcoin fell to a two-week low on Monday on reports that China stepped up its crackdown on the cryptocurrency

I warned them. It seems that cryptocurrency / bitcoin is mankind’s greatest scam. Of course, China is going through tough. Why on earth would they allow any decentralized technology? Annual renewal? same recycle 2018. nothing new repaet n repeat, but btc is still there, haha. Cryptocurrency is an imaginary money scam. The value has no basis. Let’s just make imaginary money with no gold backing. Anyone who loses their shirt 100% deserves it.

Another nice try. Keep up the good work with the FUD! Lots of diamond hands to buy the dip. Saylor isn’t our only Bitcoin Jesus.

Aussie China spat WTO borders into the spotlightThe Australian government is finally bringing China before the World Trade Organization because of Beijing’s three-digit tariffs on wine exports. It’s about politics: the Chinese Embassy Down Under recently leaked a list of 14 complaints, none of which had anything to do with trade, let alone wine trade. In addition, Canberra’s call for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and other measures have resulted in trade barriers against a wide range of Australian products. petesweeneypro Beijing has little respect for the WTO. Pay lip service to the organization until it threatens your own interests.

China has given more than 1 billion doses of its Covid-19 vaccinesAs of Saturday, 1,100,489,000 doses had been administered to people in China, and more than 100 million doses had been administered in six days. It’s almost as if they knew a virus was coming 😏 maga That’s a lot of shop stewards

Bitcoin Sinks as China Steps Up Crypto Mining crackdown Bitcoin fell Monday on reports that China stepped up its crackdown on cryptocurrency mining. $ IKT 💲💲💲💲🐎🐎 ✅ Kucoin wallets support MATIC Airdrop! Participate MATIC_BONUS Good news for gamers.

Bitcoin plunges 10% after cracking down on ChinaBitcoin tumbled almost 10% on Monday as recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market showed no signs of dampening down, with market players citing jitters over China’s expanding crackdown on bitcoin mining in thin liquidity for the losses. The MORE GoldmanSachs jpmorgan DigitalAssets INSTITUTIONAL DEMAND FOR BITCOIN LESS SUPPLY equals PRICE GOING UP SOONER when they REALIZED IT’S FUD from CHINA again … lol mother because of scandal her account mln was stolen, then because of mother scandal other members account were stolen, then this one too Mother children were used for torture with a grill if she doesn’t do what the organized group wants, so mother has allowed her account to steal mln steal then also give her own children to kill gangsters udn also put other members under torture, then another one member should accuse others Another member can steal MLN account from criminals, then the one who has to accuse others of fraud

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