CoinGeeks Top 10 Most Read Bitcoin Stories of 2020

2020 was a monumental year for Bitcoin, with the number of users, applications and transactions reaching new records. Here at CoinGeek we made sure that we bring you the most important developments in Bitcoin all year round. From the article on how Bitcoin SV won the war on Bitcoin to Craig Wright’s legal victory over critics, here are CoinGeek’s ten most-read Bitcoin stories of 2020:

1. The war on Bitcoin

The most widely read, shared, and discussed piece of the years was “The War on Bitcoin”. In the article, Kurt Wuckert Jr. detailed how Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of visa-level transaction opportunities was derailed by small blockers for their own selfish gain. He also gave a brief history of Bitcoin, including the 2017 BCH hard fork and the subsequent 2018 Bitcoin SV Split that restored Satoshi’s vision for Bitcoin. CoinGeek’s chief historian spoke at length about Dr. Craig Wright, and why little blockers keep waging war against him. These attacks have spread to Calvin Ayre, founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek, which is in line with Satoshi’s original vision.

2. Introduction of the Chinese Blockchain Service Network

The second most popular article of the year on CoinGeek was about the introduction of the Chinese Blockchain Service Network (BSN). BSN was unveiled in April and hailed as China’s biggest step in global blockchain dominance to date. The Chinese government has involved telecommunications, technology and financial giants in developing the network. BSN’s developers called it the “Internet of Blockchains” and claimed it would allow developers to use different blockchains to create their products. BSN would reportedly cut the cost of building a blockchain application by 97%.

3. The arrest of the founder of Morris Coin in India

The October arrest of the digital currency founder, Morris Coin, was the third most-read piece of 2020. The mysterious 36-year-old, known only as Nishad, has been accused of defrauding thousands of investors across India and beyond. Nishad promised a guaranteed daily return of 270 rupees ($ 3.7) on an investment of $ 203 for 300 days, authorities said. After the 300 days, investors could exchange their Morris Coin tokens for Fiat. There were additional rewards for bringing other investors on board.

4. How BSV-based Buskon revived the South Korean jazz scene

K-pop tops the most charts in South Korea and is the country’s most popular music genre. However, Koreans can now discover smooth jazz music through Buskon, which is powered by Bitcoin SV. The article on the Korean jazz scene and how BSV is changing it was the fourth most popular piece of the year. Based on Korea’s ONE Store’s BSV blockchain, Buskon enables artists to connect with a wider audience, which is vital in a country where jazz clubs are few and far between. Users can tip their favorite jazz artists as BSV enables micro-payments with its very low fees and instant transactions.

5. CambrianSV Debate: Do VCs Have A Role In Bitcoin?

CambrianSV has become an important part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, allowing developers to connect and work together to solve problems with Bitcoin SV. While it’s mostly known as a developer event, a debate between Twetch CFO Aaron Burns and Jackson Laskey of Unbounded Capital was one of the highlights in Lisbon, Portugal in February 2020.

While Laskey tried to convince the audience that there is a new group of venture capitalists out there who can fuel the growth of the Bitcoin industry, Burns dismissed the argument, describing VCs as wolves in sheep’s clothing. CoinGeek’s Charles Miller led the debate that shed light on the future of Bitcoin startup funding.

6. Bitcoin’s place in the corporate world

The sixth most-read article of the year was another Charles Miller production. This time it was his podcast with the experienced programmer and business strategy consultant Daniel Diemers. Diemers shared with the audience why it is important for Bitcoin SV to market itself in the corporate world before others like Hyperledger take over.

The BSV community has focused on building on Bitcoin and has now shown what is possible with Bitcoin. It’s time to take it to the next level and get big business, Diemers explained. He praised nChain, which he believes will play a huge role in attracting corporate users.

7. Back My Business Dream Video Series

The Bitcoin SV ecosystem has seen an explosion of developers, all of whom have created innovative products to solve a specific challenge. Some of these companies were allowed to stand in a room full of investors at Pitch Day London earlier this year. Charles Miller’s in-depth look at three companies pitching their ideas and their journey to the top was one of the most popular pieces this year.

Miller focused on the universal basic income app Mannabase, the movie ecosystem MyMovie, and the Instagram-like social media app Memento (now Relica). He told the story of their travels and the difficulties they had to overcome, their pitch in London and what they foresaw as the future of their company. This was important documentation for developers as it also showed them what Bitcoin startup investors are looking for.

8. Again CambrianSV

The CambrianSV boot camp in Lisbon earlier this year was one of the most talked about events in the Bitcoin space this year. Organized by RelayX founder Jack Liu, it brought some of the leading Bitcoin developers together for a five-day collaboration event where they could learn from each other to improve their applications.

Charles Miller’s recap of the event was one of the most read articles of the year. In it, he revealed what was going on behind the scenes, what the developers had learned, some of the projects their products had successfully integrated with each other, and why the boot camp is a must for budding developers.

9. Ripple CEO and Co-Founder are XRP doubters

While Bitcoin SV was thriving in 2020, many other projects were uncovered. One of them was XRP, a digital currency that the founders claimed would transform cross-border transfers. As Patrick Thompson wrote in a May article, even the co-founder and CEO don’t believe in their own project.

Jed McCaleb, better known for his Stellar project, was a Ripple founder who left the company in 2013. However, he continues to receive XRP worth millions of dollars that he was selling daily. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has also made no attempt to hide the fact that the company is launching XRP to stay profitable.

10. Craig Wright statement about moving Satoshi coins

Articles about Dr. Craig Wright always draws large audiences. His statement about moving satoshi coins was the most popular piece that year. In it, Satoshi stated that he had not moved the coins and reiterated that he did not intend to dispose of BTC. Dr. Wright clarified that the list of Bitcoin addresses from an August 2019 filing was not a representation of his Bitcoin holdings, as the media reported.

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