ConsenSys supports 7 more Ethereum startups with a grant of 175,000 USD

The Ethereum Venture Production Studio ConsenSys has selected seven new Ethereum-based projects to be supported with 175,000 US dollars.

ConsenSys recognizes “more unique ideas”

Yadira Blocker, head of the company’s Experiential Marketing, confirmed the latest round of startups to get cash in an interview with the crypto industry’s media company CoinDesk on October 10.

ConsenSys has been funding promising projects since February. Since inception, the ConsenSys Grants program has spent $ 330,000 on 15 startups.

“We saw a lot of applications in Wave 1, but they weren’t particularly strong. In wave 2, we saw more believable teams and more unique ideas, ”said Blocker.

The latest receivers that are now part of Wave 3 include the Ethereum software client Lighthouse and the constructor for mobile decentralized applications Alice.

The dynamic is built on Ethereum

“ConsenSys Grants funds open source projects that benefit the larger Ethereum ecosystem,” said the company’s leaders in a blog post on September 9, adding:

“We support projects in critical areas such as core infrastructure, improved developer tools and UX, security and access to knowledge for developers, users and social impact.”

As Cointelegraph reported on October 4th, ConsenSys has confirmed that it has acquired the infrastructure provider Infura, one of the previously supported Ethereum projects.

The company struggled in early 2019 as the cryptocurrency bear market resulted in 13% of its employees being laid off.

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