Coronavirus will send Bitcoin “parabolically”

Bitcoin (BTC) will ultimately go parabolic after the coronavirus ends, says the author of the world’s best-selling book on personal finance.

In an April 15 tweet, Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” argued that the coronavirus pandemic was “great” for Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki: BTC among “best investments”

The largest cryptocurrency, which has largely stabilized since crashing to $ 3,700 in mid-March, is now one of the “best investments available”.

“The US government is printing $ 10 trillion in FAKE US $ to save the US. The FED is printing $ 10 trillion to save SHADOW Banks, ”summed up Kiyosaki. He added:

“The dollar in the BULL market for now. In the $ BEAR market, GOLD SILVER BITCOIN begins parabolically. Best investments today. DO NOT MISS.”

Gold versus Bitcoin 3 month chart. Source: Skew

The popular post benefited from a narrative that is becoming increasingly common among Bitcoin aficionados and beyond. Paradoxically, even though millions are applying for unemployment benefits, stock markets are rising.

As Cointelegraph reported, theories behind this center are based on governments and central banks using the coronavirus to create what RT host Max Keizer calls “neofeudalism”.

Central bank buying of stocks – on a dubious legal pretext – enriches the minority and keeps the big market participants going financially while all other participants lose.

Bitcoin surpasses the references of precious metals

The solution is Bitcoin, with which Kiyosaki recently demonstrated a way to opt out of the Fiat model.

“The reason I advocate Bitcoin has only one damn reason: You are not part of the system,” Cointelegraph quoted him as saying.

Gold, meanwhile, has already seen a strong upswing close to its all-time highs from 2011. Silver, which is less “hard” than money than gold and Bitcoin, has also experienced a strong upswing since March.

As Saifedean Ammous, author of the popular book “The Bitcoin Standard”, noted, however, compared to gold, silver is ultimately easy to manufacture and therefore cannot be an attractive monetary solution.

Bitcoin is the “hardest” form of money as it is the first form of money that humanity cannot manipulate to produce faster. In contrast to gold, whose production is only limited by human time, it is also absolutely scarce.

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