Cosmos Bank: Celebrate 110 years with Nana

The Cosmos Cooperative Bank celebrated its 110th anniversary last week with various social activities. The chairman of the Cosmos Bank Group, Dr. Mukund Abhyankar, Chairman Milind Kale, Vice Chairman – MadhukarAtre, all board members, officers and employees, customers and members attended the occasion.

On the occasion of the ‘Road Safety Week’, the Cosmos Bank organized a ‘Cosmos rally, in which the pillion passengers carried posters depicting road safety, saving water, saving electricity, saving the environment, saving girls, etc. The rally started from Cosmos Heights, ShaniwarPeth, the former headquarters of Cosmos Bank.

Two-wheelers from 35 branches of Cosmos Bank in Pune took part in the “Cosmos Rally”. ‘Cosmos Rally’ was launched by the directors of Cosmos Bank, Dr. Smita Jog, Rajeev Sabade and Govind Kshirsagar announced. The “Kosmos Rally” reached the Cosmos Tower, the headquarters of the Cosmos Bank on University Road, where it was welcomed by DCP – Traffic, Sarang Awad. On that occasion, DCP Sarang Awad said that in addition to smart banking, in order to make Pune a smart city, everyone in them should soak up discipline for traffic. He affirmed the importance of self-discipline in road traffic not only for us, but also for the next generation, who will be on the move as pedestrians or drivers in the near future.

Nana Patekar, renowned actor and founder of the ‘Nam Foundation’, honored the 110th anniversary of Cosmos Bank with his presence. As part of their corporate social responsibility, Cosmos Bank and its employees donated an amount of Rs. Five Lac Fifty One Thousand to Nana Patekar’s ‘Nam Foundation’. Upon receipt of the check, Nana informed Patekar about the various activities of the “Nam Foundation”.

He said that everyone should try to alleviate the suffering farmers are facing due to the drought situation. Cosmos Bank chairman Kale said the amount donated by the bank and staff was a small contribution from the bank. Chairman Kale also stated that the bank will continue to be actively involved in the activities of the Nam Foundation.

On the occasion of its 110th anniversary, Cosmos Bank also donated an amount of Rs. Two paints for the renovation of Patrakar Bhavan. Chairman Kale presented the check from Rs. Two Lac to Jitendra Ashtekar – Chairman, Patrakar Sangh and Umesh Ghongade – Chairman, PatrakarPratisthan. To empower women in the context of financial inclusion, Chairwoman – Milind Kale also handed over loan sanction letters of more than Rs. Six Lacs to three Pune support groups

Cosmos Bank’s new corporate film was launched in the auspicious hands of its chairman – CA Milind Kale. On this occasion, a rangoli competition was organized between the branches in Pune, in which innovative rangolis on smart banking, landscape, portraits, etc. were drawn by employees who also won prizes. To greet the guests, the employees wore traditional clothing representing the 7 states in which the Cosmos Bank has branches.

All board members, managing directors and Jt. The managing director, various dignitaries, customers, members, officers and employees were present at the Tilgul function and the meeting for the 110th anniversary of Cosmos Bank.

Cosmos Bank is the leading state-owned credit union with 140 branches in 7 states and more than 20 satisfied customers.

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