Cosmos, CodeGen in the EV charging business pact

New Delhi:: EV Cosmos, which focuses on the development and delivery of innovative products and projects in the world of electrical energy, recently signed an agreement with ChargeNET Sri Lanka to cooperate in the Indian market.

Pramod Geetey, MD of EV Cosmos India, said, “We have partnered with ChargeNET, a subsidiary of the UK-based CodeGen Group with manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, to provide Indian customers with the best EV charging infrastructure solutions.” ChargeNET has over 80 commercial charging stations in Sri Lanka that consist of a fully integrated EV charging solution.

Harsha Subasinghe, Group CEO of Codegen Intl, said: “We will offer IOT-enabled fast charging solutions in strategic locations where electric vehicles should be charged in 15 to 30 minutes.

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