Cosmos founder refutes recent allegations, calls work “divine”

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Founder of the cosmos, Jae Kwon, has strike back at the Zaki Manian‘s allegations that Kwon’s resources and attention are being drawn from the development of the IBC protocol and towards the Jungfrau, a side project that goes hand in hand with cosmos.

Tendermint hierarchy at risk

Zaki Manian resigned as director of Tender mint Labs after its relationship with CEO Jae Kwon was impacted after prolonged dissatisfaction with project progress.

In a Twitter thread From earlier this month, Manian accused Kwon of compromising the development of the IBC protocol in order to focus on a new side project called Virgo. Manian made a variety of allegations, including religious discrimination and several behavioral side effects of running People.

I’m going to call this statement what it is, a huge lie

What Jae is doing is not decentralization, but a transparent attempt to evade responsibility for Jae’s neglect and negligence towards the Cosmos project.

– Zaki Manian (@zmanian) February 3, 2020

Kwon responded to these allegations on GitHub, claiming that Manian “said with contempt that he was an open god”. Kwon’s eerie reaction and obsession with divinity, as the post shows, have been outlined as a root cause to worry about several notable influences in space.

Kwon noted, “When I was defending my right to express my beliefs, I was told that I was actually displacing all (employees).”

Given Manian’s Faden and Kwon’s recent rebuttals, it seems that the heart of the problem lies in the fact that Kwon subscribed to his faith and called his work with Tendermint and Cosmos “divine”.

Zaki Manian was given responsibility for the IBC protocol, a proposal he was with, Kwon claims. However, the former Tendermint director threatened to leave the company and take the development team with him, according to sources nearby Decrypt.

Kwon also turned his anger against Jessy Irwin, Tendermint’s director of security, who has loudly criticized his methods.

“This is not just about neglecting the project. Tendermint’s core engineers, SDK + IBC, have faced repeated reprisals, harassment, bullying and discriminatory behavior. The abuse comes from the very top. ” said Irwin comments on Manian’s allegations against Kwon.

Sunny Aggarwal, a core developer at Tendermint, did his attitude about this situation publicly on social media:

“Jae (Kwon) has hardly been involved in the development of Cosmos for a while. Most of the development team has taken the necessary steps to isolate themselves from Jae’s distractions. “

Another interesting aspect is Kwon’s claim that he is ready to step down as CEO of Tendermint described as “removing the CEO position” in a separate post. Manian viewed these as “lies” in what Kwon describes as “distracting”.

Recent events and statements from people closely related to Cosmos and Tendermint seem to point to Jae Kwon as a catalyst for recent obstacles.

Cosmos intends to become the focal point for the emergence of blockchains and act as the main facilitator of interoperability between different blockchains.

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