Could EOS be the next big thing in blockchain technology? EOS news today

Lots of people focus on large networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They don’t see the potential of outsiders like EOS. If you’ve ignored EOS, it’s time to change your perspective. With so many bumps in the cryptocurrency market, it can be difficult to decide which cryptocurrency to invest your money in. One thing to keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency market offers high risk and high returns. So if you are looking to invest in an expensive coin like Bitcoin, you should be ready to lose all of your capital if it goes south. You can play it safe and invest in cheaper third-generation cryptocurrencies like EOS.

Does EOS have potential?

Since its launch in 2017, has been selling tokens to interested parties who have raised up to $ 4 billion in that period. The company hosted a token sale that lasted a full year and ended on June 1, 2018. The company went on to create two new cryptocurrencies, each worth $ 4 billion. If that says anything about, it is that it is productive. The development team responsible for EOS doesn’t just say that EOS is a good option. They insist that EOS is better than Ethereum and that it will soon overtake Ethereum.

So can EOS overtake Ethereum? The cryptocurrency industry is unpredictable and while EOS is still a long way from Ethereum in terms of market capitalization and price, it comes close in terms of features and functionality. The EOS platform can process between 1,000 and 6,000 transactions within a second. Best of all, there are no transaction fees on the network, which makes it ideal for everyone, not the rich. The EOS blockchain also provides incentives for developers that they cannot get on Ethereum. There are many other reasons why EOS is a solid blockchain. Learn more about EOS and invest in it because it will be the future of blockchains that offer Ethereum-like functionality.

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