Couple uses Bitcoin wealth to build the world’s first sea-head

An early Bitcoin investor and self-confessed libertarian built the first “Seastead” with his BTC profits. For those who didn’t know, a seastead is a floating home designed to stay in international waters, allowing its residents to live outside the laws of a nation.

According to the first part of a short documentary series devoted to the construction of the Seastead, it should start on the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin network going live. However, violent storms around Thailand meant that the date had to be postponed to last month.

A floating house built with Bitcoin

Chad Elwartowski and Nadia Summergirl are the first two people reported to have been permanently released from the shackles of the land and the laws enforced on it in favor of a life on the open sea. The two of them built the first Seastead with the help of Ocean Builders, a start-up that helps people shift their lives into the ocean.

The couple funded the construction of their floating house with money from early Bitcoin investments. The structure cost them around $ 150,000, which was actually $ 30,000 more than they originally estimated. It measures six square meters and is octagonal. The couple’s new home extends over two floors.

Elwartowski had previously explored other ways to satisfy his cravings for a truly free life, according to a report in Reason. These included the “Free State Project, the Libertarian Party elections and the Ron Paul Campaign”.

Meanwhile, Summergirl is just as enthusiastic about the idea. She says she was tired of hearing people about the concept of building floating communities when no one really pulled it off. The native Thai woman was also delighted that the first project of its kind took place near her growing up:

“I just want sea-reading to really take place. I want to make it happen here in Thailand. “

Elwartowski and Summergirl’s new home has been at sea since the beginning of February. The two say they’ll continue to shuttle back and forth for the time being to land. They still have various commitments that must be tied before they finally hit the open waves. However, a recently purchased commuter boat should help them expedite their permanent move.

Elwartowski says the couple made no effort to seek approval from the Thai government for their new home. He commented:

“We have stayed under the radar so far, but we follow all the laws of Thailand so that it is as if we were only living on a boat in the water…. All we expect from the Thai government is that it obey international law. We will do the same. But Nadia and I don’t do anything that we can’t do on land. “

You can find out more about the story of Elwartowski and Summergirl in the first part of a four-part documentary below. It was produced by the Seasteading Institute to promote the concept:

Thanks to its lack of central authority, Bitcoin caught on early on with libertarian circles interested in building communities outside the laws of national governments. NewsBTC previously reported on the Floating Island Project off the coast of French Polynesia and Liberland, between Serbia and Croatia.

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